Monday, 23 March 2015

Daily Feline Prompt: Catwriter

If you could have any author –living or dead – write your catography, who would you choose?


“And Tabby existed. She decided to sleep, one of those infinite sleeps.”

“What are you writing Fluffy?”

“I am appointed as your official catographer for the Daily Feline Prompt.”

“You are telling all the brave deeds I have performed, great. Don’t forget to tell how good I am at doing it all in the feline ways.”

“I am Tabby, and so I will continued. - “And Tabby slept another three hours, she moved her whiskers whilst sleeping and turned, her paw resting silently as she slept.”

“But Fluffy, I have done more worthy actions than sleeping.”

“I know Tabby, I am getting to the exciting bit now.”

“To continue - “Tabby felt a movement in the air. A fly buzzed past her nose. She awoke, and walked towards the bowl of food containing vitamin enriched pellets. She sniffed and filled her mouth with the food, savouring every morsel. Her feline appetite and aim were fulfilled. She walked to the nearest resting place and began to lick herself, carefully, ensuring that every morsel of food was removed. She circled three times, and sank into oblivion. She was sleeping.”

“Fluffy, if you don't mind me saying, my biography is beginning to sound quite monotonous. Everyone knows what a fulfilled life I lead. Up in the morning early, exploring my territory, experiencing all the surprises that life has to offer. You are giving the public the impression that all I do is sleep and eat.”

“Patience Tabby. I am now coming to the exciting part. - Tabby arises from her sleeping position and pulls her body together. She opens her mouth to say something perhaps. No, she can only meow, but excitement is on its way. She coughs once, she coughs twice and then she is successful. The fur ball has arrived for all to see. There is excitement, Tabby is proud to have produced such a wonderful fur ball, the highlight of her day. Mrs. Human is less proud, and clears it away accompanied by a few human profanities. And Tabby sleeps again. She wakes, cleans her whiskers and strolls to her favourite pole position on top of the cupboard. She sleeps for another four hours and …….”

“No, no, Fluffy. Is this my bequest to the world. Where are my words of Cataism, my transcendental feline meditational wisdom.?”

“You do that all in your sleep Tabby.”

“How do you know when I am sleeping.”

“You sleep 23 hours and spend an hour searching for a place to sleep involving a few minutes eating. Your equations and thoughts on the meaning of feiline life all take part when you are sleeping.”

“How do you know Fluffy.”

“That is the only time you have left to ponder over the feline questions of existence, your waking moments are fulfilled with other tasks. “And so is the life of Tabby” - The End.”

“Fluffy, do you really think that will be a best seller?”

“Oh yes definitely, All those people on the daily feline prompts will buy it.”

“But we are the only two felines that write a daily feline prompt.”

“You see Tabby, I will be your best customer.”

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