Friday 27 March 2015

Daily Feline Post: I walk the feline line

Have you got a code you live by? What are the principles or set of values you actively apply in your life?

The Migros cat at langendorf

“What line Tabby?”

“Forget it Fluffy, we don’t walk lines, even the feline in the photo is walking between the lines at the local human supermarket.”

“Those humans have funny ideas for their blogging stuff. Everyone know that our code in life is I, me and myself.”

“Even Mrs. Human was moaning about this prompt. She said it is all fur ball stuff, regurgitated from last year at the beginning of the human month of April. She shook her head and wondered if there were idiots and golden oldies organising the prompts.”

“But Mrs. Human is a golden oldie.”

“That’s what she said Fluffy, but she found that even she in her grey haired moments would not dream of choking up such a load of rubbish.”

“So that is she doing to do Tabby?”

“She said something about going for a walk and hoping that this sick prompt will go away in the meanwhile.”

“And she leaves us to get on with it?”

“Not really Fluffy, do we ever do things that the others want?”

“No, definitely not. It would be an insult to Bastet and her teachings. I remember Capital 721, verse 44, where she says that all self respecting felines disobey anything human and as we do not recognise money, we have no values. Verse 45 goes on to say that we do not do “actively”, the word is banned from Meow. Active is something that means work, and “work” also does not appear in a respectable feline life.”

“Oh, Fluffy, you are so right. Let’s cough up a fur ball in memory of the good old days when we could digest the daily prompts and take them seriously. Cough! cough!”

“Tabby, that was not nice. Be careful where you deposit your fur balls, all over my paws.”

“Sorry Fluffy, but the production of a fur ball knows no limits and takes nothing into consideration.”

“What’s consideration Tabby? I cannot find that in my Meow dictionary.”

“It’s something humans talk about now and again.”

“I have a brilliant idea Tabby, let’s sleep it over.”

“Yes Fluffy, you are right. I will have to apply some of my Freudian Feline thoughts on this subject.”

“Tell me about it”

“The great question that has never been answered, and which I have not yet been able to answer, despite my many years of research into the feline soul, is “What does a feline fur ball want?””

“That’s good Tabby, something to ponder whilst we are asleep. Of course “Sometimes a fur ball is just a fur ball”.

“Oh the wise words of a philosophical feline, Fluffy you impress me.”

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