Saturday, 28 March 2015

Food for the Soul and Eyes

Tell us about your favorite meal, either to eat or to prepare. Does it just taste great, or does it have other associations?

On a memorable day 11th November, 2013, I told everyone about it with my first contribution to this prompt title, and so I will not repeat myself. I have not discovered anything new, to cook, perhaps avoid spending more time than I want to in the kitchen, due to the fact that it is Spring and time to go for walks.

Clouds over the Jura from Feldbrunnen

Let us begin with something for the eyes (I am still not sure about this soul thing - I do not think that anyone has seen one yet). Again on one of my paths into the unknown I saw that the sky was painting a picture for my camera. It added a few extras and so I took a photo. The mountain range in the background is again the Jura, just behind my village. If you look on the left you will see two points higher than the rest. This is the famous “Hasenmatt” (Hare field) which is the highest point in the State/Kanton of Solothurn. Have I been there? Of course I have, but it was in my younger days when my feet, legs and body were co-ordinated to climb peaks, overcome boulders and stones on the way and walk upwards. I think it was fifty years ago. Of course, I could do it today, but they have not yet built a chair lift or cable car to get their, it still depends on sure footwork and a fit body. Oh, where have those days gone? I can still see it and record it from the safety of firm ground with my camera.


The first flowers of a Swiss Spring are dotted all over the place on my walk. This is becoming very poetical I must say. This is a primula for those that do not recognise this harbinger of Spring (found that word in the dictionary). They are everywhere, mainly in yellow, but also pink, blue and white. You can even buy them in the local supermarket, but these are the wild ones that arrive every year. When we moved into our ground floor apartment I planted some in my garden. They looked good, but unfortunately did not survive, so I gave up and let nature do the work in the fields. If we have a long Winter, you even find them shivering in between the patches of ice and snow.

Wild flower

I also found some patches of this blue flower, but for artistic reasons I decided to do a solitary shot, thinking it would probably have a better chance of being noticed by a photo talent scout for my longed for Pulitzer Prize. Who said that? I know I repeat myself, but you cannot repeat yourself enough, one day it might be heard. If any of my faithful disciples would recognise and know the name of this flower, I would be pleased. You cannot have a prize winning photo without the correct name. I did not even have to risk an accident with this flower as it was growing on flat ground, although I did feel a pain shoot though my back when bending to get a closer view. It was even worse when I stood up again. I know I have a zoom lens, but even that does not always zoom enough. On my marathon walks I can only take my Canon camera as it is not so heavy. Had I taken my super Nikon DSLR I would probably have seen some small insect waving and smiling as I took the photo but the camera is too heavy to carry for kilometres on my walk.

Today is a walkless day, even a golden oldie has to allow her limbs to recover, but fear not, tomorrow i will again be on my way making the surrounding scenery unsafe. 

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  1. Hi Pat. Lovely photos from your walk. I think the blue flower in your last shot is a Chionodoxa, commonly known as 'Glory Of The Snow'