Friday, 13 February 2015

WordPress Daily Feline Prompt: The New Feline Waste Disposal Unit

Most of us have heard the saying, “That’s the best thing since tuna fish!” What do you think is actually the best thing since tuna fish?

Fluffy in the cat tray

“Mrs. Human, is their no privacy here?”

“Fluffy I wanted to show everyone what a nice new cat tray you have.”

“That is OK, but not when I am using it. I am sure you would not like me to take a photo when you used your toilet thing, although we felines find that a waste of good water. Every time you are finished with the human tray, many bowls of good water disappear and it is such good refreshment.”

“Fluffy is right Mrs. Human, a waste of good water. Tell me Fluffy, how is that new cat tray? I haven’t tried it yet.”

“It’s Ok, Tabby, although does not smell as good the the old tray. It does not yet have that certain “uumph” that a real cat tray needs, but I am doing my best.”

“Fine, Fluffy, I will try it later. At the moment the snow is disappearing outside and there is nowhere better to squat in the open air and mark your territory.”

“If Mrs. Human lets me out, I think I will also do some territorial spraying.”

“Felines I also have a flap to the entrance. Shall I install it.”

“No, Mrs. Human, do not add insult to our private business. We like to have a circulation of fresh air to our cat tray and certainly do not need a flap.”

“But Mrs. Human, I heard you can get perfumed sand for the tray. That would be a good idea.”

“Oh yes Fluffy, I wonder if it comes in tuna or salmon scent.”

“No Fluffy and Tabby, it comes perfumed. That might be a good idea. Yes I think I will buy some the next time you need it.”

“Perfumed? No Mrs. Human, can you get it laced with catnip.”

“With catnip?”

“Yes, that would be great. Like you and Mr. Human might take your iPad thing to the human tray, we could enjoy the effects of catnip whilst doing what all good felines do in their tray.”

I decided to buy the normal unperformed sand. You can never please a feline it seems.

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