Thursday, 26 February 2015

WordPress Daily Feline Prompt: Fight or Flight - a feline conversation

Write about your strongest memory of heart-pounding, belly-twisting nervousness: what caused the adrenaline? Was it justified? How did you respond?

My friend's Alsatian

“That is a dog Fluffy.”

“I cannot see the dog on the photo because I am blind, whatever that is,  but I know what a dog is Tabby. They have a sort of, well, doggy smell, not as  sweet flavoured as us felines and they bark.”

“So what do you do when you know there is a dog near.”

“I run Tabby as fast as my four paws will carry me.”

“That is because you are a beginner Fluffy. We are felines and we do not succumb to nervousness when there is a dog nearby.”

“So what do we do Tabby.”

“We look it in the eyes with an intense “I could kill you” look.”

“Does that work Tabby, does it go away?”

“If the dog is smaller than you are it might yap a bit and go, if it is a specimen like in the photo, an Alsatian, it will stay and return your stare.”

“So what do we do then.”

“We remain where we are of course and try it with a hiss.”

“And that will frighten the dog.”

“It could be that the dog barks.”

“Oh yes, they can be very loud. But then they go.”

“Errr, they should Fluffy, but there are canines that have no respect for us felines that were worshipped as gods in the old country.”

“And then”

“Yes Fluffy, it is then we apply the laws of Bastet, chapter 2, verse 3.”

“Which says?”

“Run for your life and dive in the next cat flap or up a tree. I would add that trees are only used if you know you can descend after the canine has gone.”

“What if the canine doesn’t go?”

“Fluffy, don’t ask silly questions.”


  1. What a beautiful canine in the photo. He seems to be guarding a hole in the pavement? Did his owner fall down it?

    1. The Alsatian (I think it is an Alsatian) belonged to a late friend of mine. She always took him shopping and he waited patiently outside the supermarket. I think he was standing on a kerb when I took the photo. I took a few photos of him.