Thursday, 29 January 2015

WordPress Daily Feline Prompt: Important Feline Things to Rescue

Your home is on fire. Grab five items (assume all people and animals are safe). What did you grab?


“Did you hear Tabby, we are safe, so let’s go.”

“Does not come into the question Fluffy. I am not going anywhere without my Pawpad and you will need yours as well.”

“Oh yes, of course, but what can I do with a pawpad when our home is burning down.”

“You read it, the animals are safe, meaning Mr. and Mrs. Human are OK. As we are gods we are safe in any case. I definitely think that the Pawpad is first on the list, but you should carry Mrs. Human’s handbag in your teeth,”

“Why Tabby, Mrs. Human’s handbag is not so important. She has a lot of human rubbish in it.”

“Human rubbish, my paw. She has her purse in her bag and what is in her purse Fluffy.”

“Those jingly coins that we can push around and play with?”

“No Fluffy, use your god sense. She has her credit cards in her purse. What is the use of a pawpad without a credit card. Think Fluffy, the house is burning down, all our tuna fish tins will melt, our catnip will be a pile of ash not to think of our cat gymnastic centre. It will have to be replaced and we will need Mrs. Human’s credit card. She will only be thinking of replacing useless human stuff like furniture, washing machines and a refrigerator. We felines will be left with nothing. We will have to replace our valuables and the best way is buying online with her credit card.”

“Do you think she will agree Tabby, the last time we used the credit card on our pawpad to order the diamond studied cat flap, she was not happy and I remember when the fish tank arrived with the live tuna fish she threatened us with vitamin pellets for the rest of our life.”

“Of course she did Fluffy, but she was just playing human. Admittedly she was not happy about the diamond studied  cat flap, but did you see how all the other felines in the neighbourhood were jealous?”

“But she returned the cat flap, and she put the fish in the local river. She was not happy about the money she had to pay.”

“Fluffy, do we need money?”

“No, it’s a human thing.”

“Of course it is.”

“So we have no home, but two pawpads and credit cards. We cannot eat that.”

“We still have three things to put on the list.”

“Which would be?”

“We both have more or less nine lives, minus a few on the way, so lets take another three with us, they are always useful.”

“Fine Tabby, so let’s go.”

“I am not going anywhere Fluffy, it is a hypothetical question. I think we will perhaps sleep over it.”

“Good idea.”

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  1. I think they have all the (feline) important stuff covered!!