Friday, 23 January 2015

WordPress Daily Feline Prompt: Easy Feline Fix

Write a post about any topic you wish, but make sure it ends with “And all was right in the world.”


“Mrs.Human, Mrs. Human, something is missing.”

“What’s wrong Fluffy?”

“I want to mark my territory.”

“Then mark it, you never seemed to have a problem with leaving your marks everywhere in the garden.”

“Things are different. I have been using my cat tray during the cold season, as I did not want to mark my places in the garden with icicles, but my marking place has disappeared.”

“Your marking place is still there Fluffy, but not quite the same. We had the garden redesigned.”

“And you didn’t ask me?”

“Mr. Swiss and I decided it would look better without all those unsightly plants.”

“Where is the pampas grass, the big one, the one I always marked to show all the felines in the village that it was my place. I would stand poised and then it would happen and Tabby would clap her paws and congratulate me on the achievement.”

“We had the pampas grass removed. It was too big and taking up too much room and it smelt rather strongly from an undefinable scent.”

“That was my scent and now everything is gone. Years of work and investment of my marking skills removed.”

“Oh Fluffy there are lots of other plants, although it might be better if you did your markings discretly a little outside of the garden.”

“But then it is no longer my territory, but anyone’s territory. Feline reasoning does not work that way. We do not do discrete. Do you visit the neighbour when you have to apply your recycling process Mrs. Human?”

“No Fluffy,  but humans have their own private places to recycle.”

“Exactly and we felines are a superior race, worshipped as gods, so where is my new outdoor recycling temple?”

“Ok, what about the ivy. There is a crop of ivy just on the edge. The snails live there during the hot summer nights, so perhaps you could do your marking on the ivy. It might even chase the snails away. It is a very nice ivy plant, bushy and with variegated leaves. Really something special for a feline godly marking place.”

“Ok, Mrs. Human, I will try it. I am not promising anything, but it does look a bit more noble than the old pampas grass.”

Fluffy was happy and all was right in the world. 

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