Monday, 10 December 2012

Help - too much snow

2nd snow day in garden

What you see on the right of the photo is not the beginnings of a snow pyramidical art piece, it is our pampas grass is slowly disappearing under a blanket of snow.

It started snowing on Friday morning around 11.00 a.m. and decided not to stop until Saturday morning. Then it snowed again on Saturday afternoon and on Sunday we had a snow free day. Unfortunately it started to snow again through Sunday night. The result was that our region got a record amount, not seen for a long while. 38 centimeters is about a yard in the english system. Mr. Swiss only drives a car to get somewhere. We are not devoted drivers that love doing kilometers, we prefer a nice comfortable train for long distances.

We discovered that the cupboard was almost bare, not quite. Mr. Swiss did buy some extra provisions for the week on Saturday morning. I was running out of bird food for our friends in the garden, vegetables were almost non-existant, fruit was diminishing and we were down to the last liter of milk (I usually buy 4 liters at once). Butter was also getting sparse - there was a lot of shopping to do on Monday. Unfortunately Monday was going to be the snow days of snow days and then we (I actually) had a brainwave. Let's order the shopping online. Our supermarket, known as Migros, has a computer shop known as "LeShop"

I logged in before Sunday lunch and began. They had everything on their computer site. Each article photographed, complete with price, and even the special offers were shown. I started the list. Of course delivery is not free, but the more you spend, the less the delivery costs. When you compare, the delivery costs work out cheaper than the petrol you use to get to the supermarket if you consider the car costs in general. Actually I don't reall y understand all that, but Mr. Swiss does, so what more could you want. I could even register my Cumulus No. Now what is that you may wonder? If you buy in the Migros you have a sort of plastic card which is scanned after buying, registering how much you have spent. You then get vouchers for a price reduction on your bill, handed out once a month. Cumulus is one of my favourite institutions on the shopping scene.

My order was finished by the afternoon. I had time until 16.30 hours to place the order to be delivered on Monday, from 5 in the evening until 8 were the delivery times.

I ordered enough to cover our food needs until Thursday. The weather prophets said the snow would stop on Wednesday, but we did not want to take any chances. I even got a confirmation by mail from the Migros enclosing a copy of my shopping list today in the afternoon. We did not know when the chauffeur would arrive, but at 16.50 we had a ring at the door and there he was already pushing two trolleys full of shopping.

After he left Mr. Swiss and I packed out the goods. I was putting it away in the kitchen and Mr. Swiss was ticking it off the list. What a partnership: we are, completely organised. All my shopping wishes were fulfilled and now we can hibernate until Thursday. I had already settled the bill by online payment. That is also in the computer programme.

Actually the roads are ok at the moment. Our Swiss State spends a lot of time (and money) clearing the roads from snow. Even our little village paths had been cleared. I have to go to my Tai Chi afternoon tomorrow, and if we do not get swamped in snow again tonight, I might even be able to use the car.

This is what we ordered. Fluffy our blind cat, had a sniff at the paper bags, but decided everything was too well wrapped to be eaten.
Migros delivery


  1. Very good organisation by you and Mr Swiss!!

    That voucher card is similar to the one I use. As I do all my shopping in Tesco, I have one of their Clubcards, and get regular discount vouchers based on how much I have spent previously on my shopping trips.

  2. The voucher cards are interesting. We only got a dusting of snow,snowed sort of hard for a few minutes last night and was really cold this morning.

  3. Great thinking - you are what we call an ideas person!!!! I am wondering if we have such a service here too incase it gets too hot to go shopping ;) Love the photo with this - best catch a catnap before all is opened for inspection!

  4. Wow, that's a lot of snow! We are snow free now, but we do have lost of rain. I like snow more, I have to say.

    We can shop on line for our groceries here too ... I save it for when I'm too ill to go myself. The shops are very near my home (walking distance) so no snow will keep me from going ;)

  5. We get coupons and free coupons for food. This month I received a free egg carton and free sausages. It varies as last time I had a bag of chips snd something else lol. You sure had lots of snow!!! Great shopping online. I've done most of my Christmas online :)

  6. I do not know why America can't come up with a national chain that delivers groceries! I hate shopping and that would be wonderful to just order and have it delivered.

    Love your snow photo. Reminds me of my time in Germany where the snow would just fall for hours and I'd sit and watch.