Tuesday, 11 December 2012

WordPress Daily Prompt: Mixed Tape

Put together a musical playlist of songs that describe your life, including what you hope your future entrails.

I am not going to paste dozens of YouTube videos here, otherwise I would probably enter the Guiness book of records for the sound track to my life. I just allow one video of my all time favouring singer and musician, before I give you my musical playlist, which was my life.

Reet petite, I was the finest girl you would ever want to meet.
As I got older I it was Che sara, sara, whatever will be will be. Then I was Forever Blowing Bubbles, so I became a supporter of West Ham United Football club. I had a lot of examinations at school for my scholarship, so I decided I would just have to Carry that weight and one day School was out for Summer, School was out forever. It was time to start getting Serious. I always thought The Best Things in Life Are Free but that was not true, so I said Give me Money, that’s what I want but Pennies from heaven do not exist. I wanted to travel, I told my Mama and papa (who was a Rolling Stone) that I Want to be Free. I was Leaving on a Jet Plane to Switzerland and then I met Mr.Wonderful I told everyone I’m gonna get Married. We were Glad all over when I had my two sons. I was no Honky Tonk Woman and It was a good life. Now the time has come to go Up a Lazy River, but I am Glad All Over looking back. For the future I think I will Take a Walk on the Wild Side and will definitely not Paint it Black. I will not
Put Another Brick in the Wall


  1. Very clever use of song titles in your post. I, too, would find it difficult to keep the number of songs under 100 were I to list ones memorable to be during various periods of my life!!

  2. I think this was one of the most difficult blogs I have every written. Needed a lot of concentration