Monday, 10 December 2012

WordPress Daily Prompt: Time Capsule

This year is drawing to a close. What would you put in a 2012 time capsule?

I suppose it is according who is going to look at this time capsule when it is dug up or taken out of the safe or removed from the numbered bank account vault. So let us start at the beginning.

I remember just before last Christmas, I had dental problems, After having two teeth removed and still suffering, my dentist sent me to the dental department of the hostpital in Bern. They possessed one of the two existing super x-ray machines in Switzerland, able to take a photo of every nook and cranny in the dental region. The result: everything in order, probably sinus complications. There were no sinus complications, after visiting the specialist and having a camera put into my nose, I eventually diagnosed myself that the pain stemmed from the jaw bones which were over worked (do I talk too much?). After a course of tablets everything seems to be ok. So what goes in the time capsule, my x-ray of course. I might go into the medical history books, when they dig this one out.

Teeth Pat Inselspital 2 docx

A memorable photo, costing three-hundred-and-fifty Swiss Francs.

I think I will put a bottle of Feldschlossen beer in the capsule. I visited a cyber friend that lives just over the border from Switzerland in Germany. We met in Rheinfelden, in Switzerland. In Rheinfelden you find the biggest brewery in Switzerland, looks like a castle. They even have a restaurant there. We had a fantastic time together and decided to do it again.

In October, I visited my father in London, England. I would perhaps put a photo of my case in the capsule. The was given to the Swissair, with the idea that it would travel on my plane to London. Unfortunately, due to a mishap, it did not arrive in London, but in Lisbon which is in Portugal. After a rather annoying 24 hours I got the message that the case was found and on its way to London. After spending two days with a borrowed nightdress, and other garments from my friend where I was staying, my case arrived.

In November, my cat Tabby decided to have a physical argument with the neighbour's red monster cat. I think it was something to do with territorial rights. After two days Tabby had an eye problem, a scratch. She had decided to go into recluse, which is never good for a cat. After a visit to the vet and a few injections, we were given drops for her eye. After a day she was back to her normal feline self, so perhaps a bottle of feline eye drops in the capsule.

I would like one of those special bags for frozen goods to put a handfull of snow in the capsule, to remind all that it was a record year with 38 centimeters of snow in one day.

A photo of various Chinese people doing Tai Chi in a Chinese Park somewhere in Beijing would be very nice to commerate the year when I decided to do something about my physical condition. I can no longer stand on one foot, have broken my left arm twice already by falling. That was when I found our local town offers Tai Chi courses. I have now been going for almost two months and love it. Nice and slow, no rush. I now know where the dan tien is (just below the belly button and as all good Tai Chi students know, it is one of the centers of energy). I can now do two forms and combine them. I still have a problem finding my right and left side, but it can only get better. Yes, 2012 was a Tai Chi year.

Otherwise it seems that the capsule is now quite full, although there are still a few days to go and something might turn up.


  1. Just be careful one of the cats don't climb into the capsule to investigate!!!

  2. It took me a bit to realize case was suitcase. I think of case as something small like a make up bag. My coworker is taking tai chi at the senior center. She really likes it. I started yoga and like that. I'm glad the cats eyes are better and your jaw. Ouch!