Sunday, 14 October 2012

Images & Words -180 -Colours of your season

Along Baselstrasse

For those that find this familiar, I already used it for the Next Shot Photo Group. 

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  1. Love the faded yellow of the field and blue of the mountains with the forest in beautiful fall colours inbetween. Wonderful quote so befitting the theme.

    Here is my entry

  2. Hiya Pat - time to prepare for the winter ahead it seems. The seasonal crops are like nature's timepiece as the corn indicates in this photo!! nice landscape from what I ca see in the backdrop!! Really nice quote too!

  3. The "backdrop" is the Jura Mountains, showing the restaurant on top of our home mountain, Weissenstein. Photo taken when walking home from Solothurn town to our village of Feldbrunnen.

  4. When a photo is beautiful as this one is, viewing it again is always a pleasure...

  5. Great photo Pat, I didn't mind seeing it again. And I love the words to go with it :-))

    Here is MY I&W LINK

  6. Pat I love your post!!
    Thank You for posting in flickr.
    The group pool is looking wonderful and the slideshow is updating as Photos are submitted. A treat for our Home Page.

  7. This photo fits the theme so perfectly.
    I love the corn fields and the Mountains in the background. I would
    love to go to the restaurant at the top. I bet you get quite the view? Is this Switzerland?
    Of course your words fit so nicely.

  8. It's a beautiful photo....but then, I can spot beauty in most everything!

    Perfect words to go with your photo, Pat....thanks for dropping by!

  9. Wonderful view.
    Mine is on.

  10. The field and mountain are beautiful colors. Nice work :) gm