Thursday, 11 October 2012

My New Toy

Waffle form and recipe book

I am just a fool for these new fangled ideas. On the other hand, I do like waffles and so I had a look at this one. There is an organisation in Switzerland called Betty Bossi, and this ficticious super cook is reponsible for all new ideas in the kitchen. She writes cook books, develops new cooking appliances and sends a magazine once a month. Of course I belong to the club, like all good Swiss housewives. Ask a Swiss housewife, who is Betty Bossi, and she will know. Part of the modern education for Swiss housewives. I am a Betty Bossi fan, must admit. Her cook books are full of good ideas. 

Being a member of the club, I am on line with my orders (Betty Bossi) to see what is new. Anyhow I decided to order this wonder work (with some other stuff as well) and on the day it arrived I even used it in the afternoon. I was convinced. you even get a recipe book with it. I was surprised that it was not metal, but some sort of silicon construction, bendable, almost like rubber, but Betty Bossi assured me it withheld temperatures of 220°C in the oven.

First of all the recipe. There were about 8 different recipes, some sweet, some savoury, some wholewheat etc. etc. I went for the basic sweet one. 

230 grammes flour
1/2 desert spoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
80 grammes sugar
1 packet vanilla sugar
3 eggs
3 dl cream

Just throw it all in a mixing bowl (also from Betty Bossi, my special mixing bowl) and switch on the electric mixer. You get a sort of thick sauce and just pour it into the mould. Stick the mould in the lowest part of the oven on a baking tray and bake for 15 minutes. You even get a special instrument (something like a plastic skalpel) to remove it from the form.

Baked Waffles

This was the result. I was convinced I was on the right path. Now what to with this new creation? As already once informed on one of my blogs, I have an apple glut from my tree. So I peeled, cored and sliced four apples, tossed them into a micro wave proof bowl and threw some sugar over them. After ten minutes in the micro wave they were ready. They were nicely cooled down by the time the waffles were ready to be eaten.

So for desert we had waffles with apples and topped with whipped cream (from the aerosol - if you think I spend time whipping cream, then forget it). You get 8 waffles at once. Just stick the ones you don't eat in a airtight tin. Today I put two in the toaster to warm them up a bit (Betty Bossi said reheat in the oven, but sometimes my ideas are better). With butter and jam perfect, Mr. Swiss found. I had a second helping with apples and so did son No. 1. Here is the finished result.

Waffles with apples and cream


  1. Waffles made easy!! Looks delicious!!

  2. My word that looks delicious. I'll have a dozen Please.

  3. I have one like that, mine only does 2 waffles at the time. I also have a Toy that makes tiny doughnuts, loove those too. I am a sucker for kitchen gadgets, have to admit. My favourite is my sandwich press, where I can do 2 large toasted ham, cheese, tomato , what we used to call French toast, when I lived in Copenhagen as a student. As soon as I bite into one of those I am taken back years, standing on the beach by Polsevognen, ordering the toasties, while sniffing salt water, hot dogs and summer sun. *sigh*