Sunday, 14 October 2012

Nera's TV Time

Nera choosing her car

"Mrs. Human, what's leasing?"

"Leasing? Now what does a cat want with leasing?"

"I am a feline, not a cat, and there are three of those cars on the TV and it says you don't have to buy them, you can lease them."

"Nera, since when do you interest yourself for cars. I thought you didn't like them because you always have to go to the vets in a car."

"But on the tele it says that the leasing offers are attractive, so that might be something for me, as I am the most attractive feline here."

"Nera leasing means that you don't have to buy the car, you just sort of rent it and pay something every month. So, now I will change the programme. Cars are nothing for felines."

"Mrs. Human, that is my decision. I want to watch this programme. Afterwards they go for a drive with the cars and that is the interesting part."

"Why is that so interesting?"

"Because they move. We felines like things that move. Mice, birds, leaf soldiers. It is now time for leaf soldiers Tabby said, she killed three yesterday when they fell from the tree."

"Nera, the leaves are already dead when they fall from the tree. There is a programme starting on the TV now about wild life, birds in other countries. I am sure that would be more interesting than cars."

"Ok, Mrs. Human, you win. But make sure it is in a language that I understand. Preferably Meow, otherwise those funny sounds that you make when you talk to Mr. Human. At least I can understand that. And turn the sound down a bit, we felines don't like it loud on our sensitive ears. A few of those feline treats would also be a good idea. After all you and Mr. Human are always munching something when you watch the TV. And bring me a comfortable cushion, the floor is a bit hard on my silky soft fur."

"Anything else Nera?"

"Yes, just close the door behind you, it's a bit draughty otherwise."


  1. LOL. Not a very demanding feline, is she?

  2. Very nice audio-visual centre you have there, too!!

  3. Thanks Mitch. Mr. Swiss is the only one here that knows how it all works. All I know is how to turn the TV on and off. Havn't got a clue how to record anything. He just leaves me the instructions if he is out in the evening.

  4. Cute kitty, they are so smart. Mine would look behind the TV when there were birds flying on the screen to see where they went.

  5. Kitty sounds as spoilt as my dogs.

  6. That was an awesome post Pat and I just Love your kitty. Nice fluffy and cuddly.

    I am in the dog box with Minx because I growled at her for walking all over my desk when I was posting a blog.She does that and smooches me to death and only because she wants something. I have learnt to get up and get her what she wants. lol

  7. Such a cute post , Pat . Nera is most definitely very interested in tho sue cars on the TV. You would never find Miss Mouse sitting like that, on the floor, she would be comfortable ensconced on the blanket on the best sofa with the best view and if you try to move her? I am not that brave, no !