Sunday, 16 September 2012

Images and Words - Open - Week 176


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  1. LOL poignant contribution this week Pat I like it a lot LOL;)

  2. Into gear, and off we go.........

    Great shot Pat.

  3. Great shadows and light in your photo Pat and that is quite a dark cavern down in the car park.
    Perfect Words and I think it would be a scary drive in and out. lol

  4. The actual drive in and out is not so scary, it was the ice surface when you got out. We skidded backwards and the door came down at the same time and we couldn't get the grip to drive up again. That was the scary bit. Luckily no damage done.

  5. Terrific entry - indeed one could wonder.

  6. Glad there was no damage done to your car! I think I would sit that one out, not having much experience with snow and ice. My first New York winter was very mild. it only snowed a couple of times and that was very lightly. I'm looking forward to seeing huge snow drifts and such. I don't have to drive here, left my car in GA and we take the subway everywhere, so all I have to concentrate on is good snow boots!