Friday, 14 September 2012

Creative Challenge #221 - Flight/Fly


"Whew now that was a narrow escape. Those cats sleek up on you when you really don't expect. Not a sound, not a murmer."

"Meow, what do you expect bird, you were supposed to be my dinner and tea."

"Forget it Tabby cat. You might have a MacDonalds "M" on your forehead, but that certainly does not give you the right to deprive five young chicks of a father on the search for a juicy worm. Those baby birds are the personification of a recycling machine. Feed them and it arrives at the other end in a few seconds and so you have to feed them again. So just leave us birds in peace until the brood has flown out."

"Hey bird, can you tell me when the flying out day is?"

"So that you and your feline pack can take the pickings? Forget it. Their flying out day is between me and the missus. We didn't hatch those eggs for them to be the breakfast, dinner and tea of a feline tribe. How would you like your kittens to be fed on by a wandering animal, or taken off to a lair to be fed on the chicks."

"No problem" answered the Tabby cat. "We cats are too fast and stealth to make a meal for another animal, and forget the birds. They are too stupid. And Mrs. Human said there will not be any kittens."

"If I was stupid Tabby, I would now be sitting in your stomach amongst digestive juices. We are fast and notice every movement in the air."

"We are even faster. I just let you go, as Mrs. Human called that our tuna fish portions were ready."

"You see how stupid you are, relying on humans for a meal. By the way Tabby, the godparents of my babies are the chief crow and his missus and they would do anything to keep their godchildren safe."

"I didn't see any crows when I was about to pounce."

"You think so?" said a deep booming voice from the tree. "We were watching Tabby, and if you had bent one little feather on our friend the blackbirds body, we would have pounced. Your body would have been clamped in our claws and now we would be have Christmas and Thanksgiving day all at once on your remains."

"Foget it crow. We are fast and agile."

"And we can fly" said the crow and the blackbird together.

Tabby decided to go home. There was no feline argument against flying and  afterall there was a plate of tuna fish waiting and she did not have to hunt for that or try to catch it. It was all ready  in a dish.Cats could not fly, that was true, but Tabby was glad. She was shortsighted and suffered from vertigo. The top of a cupboard was the highest observation post she could manage, but trees were not her thing. She made a mental note of sticking to fish and mice. Birds were not so interesting, especially when crows were involved.

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  1. Ha, cats don't always get their way, or win the argument :-))

  2. HA HA HA.....A plate of tuna is a far better meal...besides which no feathers need to be plucked!

    ( another good cat tale )
    thanks for dropping by

  3. very enticing that tuna fish LOL!

  4. Aww poor Kitty,but smart bird. LOL Love the pic.

  5. LOL great post Pat Keep them coming;)

  6. I loved reading this. Another interesting story.