Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Autumn and the remains of the Lily of the Valley


I was sitting comfortably outside and suddenly these bright orange balls caught my eye. The remains of the Lilly of the Valley. 

"But we will return" said my plant "and in Spring we will have our show of white flowers for May Day. Somehow we have to carry on so we do it double. We send out feelers in the underground sprouting into new plants next year and make a few seed balls to be double sure."

Now they were true words. I started with one little plant and I still don't know where it came from.

"You don't have to know" said the Lilly "that is our little secret".

Anyhow, before being interrupted, I just wanted to say in a year I had a complete patch of them and now they stay in a cosy little corner sprouting up regularly. Pretty little flowers, but I told my cats - beware. They are poisonous.

"No problem Mrs. Human" said the cats. They don't fly or make holes in the ground, so are for us not interesting. Now birds and mice are something different."

I decided to close the feline conversation, otherwise it would get too strenuous.


  1. feline conservation.. feline is a new word .. where is my dic ? --thanks for let me enter into your garden

  2. I had no idea this plant could speak!!

  3. I always speak with my plants, they grow much better.

  4. A nice read with my Saturday Morning Coffee Good Morning Pat;) Have a great weekend;)