Monday, 13 August 2012

Market Day in Solothurn again

Me 24

What a way to start a blog! A picture of me. Last Saturday morning Mr. Swiss and I walked into town to the market, like all good retired people that have nothing better to do. The highlight of the week. Then Mr. Swiss decided to use his iPhone for a few photos of me, so I decided ok, let's do it. Now you have to suffer with a photo of a grey haired elderly lady with the West Ham United t-shirt. I asked Mr. Swiss if I should take a photo of him (with my iPhone of course) and the answer was clearly negative, so you have to put up with me.

It was a nice sunny morning and we found our way through vases of mega sunflowers and biologically grown vegetables. We had to thread our way through the other golden oldies on the market place (seems to be a senior hobby) and found a free table at a restaurant. Here is the view from the restaurant on the Friedhofplatz (Cemetery Square - used to be one there many years ago. Always finding skeletons there if they start digging). Sorry for the poor quality of the photo, but the sun was shining in the wrong place.


Then out of the corner of my eye, while I was sipping on my ice tea, I saw one of our resident street musicians. Now this is not just a busker, but a genuine German minstrel singer. He likes to dress up in the gear and sings ok, in the style of a strangled falsetto voice, but he takes it very seriously. He is part of the scenery on Saturday morning and can get very annoyed if something does not suit him. Anyhow I managed to hide my iPhone from his view and snapped a photo.

German Minstral singer

It seemed to be a day for street performers, as when we left the café to make our way to the train (old people walk one way and ride home), we saw a group of singers from another country. I would tip on the West Indies, but it could be Africa. Anyhow they were quite good, very rhythmical so we stayed a while. Here is the photo.

Group of Singers

This Saturday morning market excursion seems to start becoming a habit with us, but you only live once. Anyhow Darby and Joan then made their way home on the train, tired but happy.

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  1. I think you started blogging in a grand style! Your marfket seems to be very colour and cheerful.Nice street performers. Thanks for sharing on here your saturday outing.

  2. It sounds like you had a good day! It sounds like something I would enjoy and I'm not yet a golden oldie, although my kids might argue that.

  3. I love your photo, Pat...and of course the others.....I think you had an enjoyable day...even if you're a SENIOR COUPLE LOL

  4. great pics of you and the singers :) I like your journey.

  5. fun day! you look great. mr. swiss takes good shots with his iphone. :)