Thursday, 16 August 2012

Creative Challenge #217 - We All fall down

B├╝rgerspital Solothurn

Translation: Notfall=Emergency, Eingang=Entrance - our local hospital

I invented falling down
It can be so easy
Just take a step in the wrong direction
And then I get so queasy

On Tower Bridge in London
There is a plaque I fear
The English lady put her foot down
And broke her arm just here

In my garden there is a famous stone
marked Attention! You could fall
Yes, it was my arm again
And you know I am so tall

When I enter the hospital they stare
And say she is here once more
The surgeon rubs his hands in glee
What fun, we will not become poor

My bed is ready in the ward
They know the food I like
Luckily I only walk
And do not ride a bike

So that is the story of my life
I can really go to town
The accidents and broken limbs
Just because we all fall down.

Lunch, Hospital


  1. Pat this was great....and I do feel bad for you but you made light of it...we need to do just that MORE often!

  2. I always love your sense of humor that comes through in your writing...

  3. Your sense of humour is quite unique!

  4. hehehe - great sense of humor and fantastic poetry.