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Creative Riters Challenge #85 - Excursion to Earth

Creative Writers Challenge #85 Earth Expedition

Photos of Dragons Nest’ © Jesse

"What is that!!“ were the only words that Clunk could bring forth from his second mouth, he was still chewing some earth peanuts with his other mouth. His mother always told him not to talk when eating, but he was completely surprised by the apparition before his eyes. His partner, Plonk, just stood there looking with all three eyes.

“Looks like a different sought of ship they sent to bring us back to our planet Slkdjfl.”

Clunk was still astonished at the lights flashing in between the tangled bits and pieces and the dark gas which seemed to be pouring out of the spaces in between.

“There is only way way to solve this problem” and Clunk tuned one of his three ears to receive radio waves from his colleagues on board this strange spacecraft.

“Earth expedition here. Are you receiving on board through that strange mass of tangles or whatever. Are Plonk and I supposed to use this strange thing as a transport to return home.”

“Hello Clunk, glad you have arrived at the departure point safe and sound” answered the ship. “Captain Draggoon speaking. Yes Clunk it is a new ship which was designed with the Earthlings in mind. Something that would not stand out on this strange planet and melt into the background.”

“Great Draggoon, just beam Plonk and I up. I would much prefer the flying saucers we always used. Even the Earthlings came to the conclusion that they did not exist and started to ignore them. Just putting the idea of a flying saucer down to the ideas of some of their eccentrics.”

“Sorry Clunk, but we had orders to use this ship to try it out. Our ministry of transportation decided that beaming up was something the Earthlings expected, so we have developed something completely new.”

“And what would that be Captain?”

“We will throw out a rope ladder and you can both use it to climb on board.”

“Do what?”

“Climb on board. No problem, the minister found an illustration in an Earth book and decided to build a replica. An ideal solution. Saves money, energy and keeps your three legs fit through the exercise.”

Clunk shook his head. This Earth expedition was beginning to turn into a nightmare trip. Both Clunk and Plonk worked for a film company and were collecting material for a new film “The Absorption of Earth” and up to now had met only with problems.

“It’s all your fault Plonk. We had enough film material but you wanted to go into a township. I told you Slkdjfl inhabitants just cannot walk around on Earth as if it was a normal day on Slkdjfl. We just don’t look the same.”

“OK Clunk, but I thought we would just melt into the surroundings. After all Earthlings also have eyes.”

“Exactly Clunk, they have two and we have three. It was the extra red eye in the middle that seemed to irritate them.”

“That was why I said to enter the place where they have hats and glasses. We even had earth money to buy them.”

“Plonk, just use one of your four brains. The female in the shop screamed when she saw us, especially when you showed your third hand showing the money and everyone turned in our direction. I just managed to steal some sun glasses and a strange head piece for us to wear and we escaped with Earthlings pointing and following.”

What Plonk and Clunk did not realise was they had stolen two Baseball hats with the names of the rival team on them and it was the championship game being played on that day. They were being followed by supporters of the other team.

Now they had arrived at the place where the space transporter was waiting. 

“OK, Captain Draggoon, throw out this rope ladder and Plonk and I will climb into the ship.” Clunk thinking how much easier a beaming up session would have been.

“Aww, Ouch, xwoieutz” uttered Plonk.

“Plonk don’t swear. What is the matter?”

“Just be careful when you are climbing. Those sparky lights are like walking through needles and pins.”

“Sorry boys” called Captain Draggoon over the radio. Something extra we included in case those Earthlings got too curious.”

Clunk swore under his breath, if I ever return to planet Slkdjfl I will have a few negative remarks to make.

Eventually Clunk and Plonk arrived on the ship. They took one last glance at the Earth and saw that below the ship a crowd of Earthlings were gathering; most of them with photographic apparatus and cameras. It was clear that their escapades on Earth would not remain a secret journey. The next day in the earth newspaper there were reports of a strange volcanic eruption in the area. People who reported seeing two figures with two mouths, three eyes and three arms were ignored as freeloaders, not to be taken seriously but just looking for publicity.

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