Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Creative Challenge #189 - Lead the way Cats

The cat trio, Fluffy, Tabby and Nera

"Just follow me cats - Tabby straight ahead, not to the right or the left."

"But Nera, it smells more interesting to the right, where Mrs. Human keeps our food in the cupboard."

"Tabby, just don't follow your food nose, but your cat nose."

"Nera is right Tabby, I always follows my nose, especially if Nera is leading us, she has such a strong scent you just cannot miss it."

"Fluffy I overheard that last remark. My scent is very subtle, like a flower on a summer breeze."

"Yes, Nera, just like a carrion flower. Fluffy, just ignore Nera, that is why I don't like following her. She does smell a bit strong sometimes. And Nera, where are we going?"

"Tabby don't ask stupid questions. Use your feline brain. My orders are not to be put into doubt. Just follow me."

"Tabby, I think Nera doesn't know where she is going herself. She just likes to play the boss now and again."

"Fluffy, I do not play the boss, I am the boss, so cats. All in a row behind me and follow, do I make myself clear. Tabby, Fluffy, where are you going, they have all disappeared."

"Tabby and I are in the kitchen. Mrs. Human has just served up 3 plates of tuna fish."

"Ok, then wait for me cats, I will join you

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