Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Writer's Block #108 - Together we stand.........

writers block 108

“You know things are really not just like they used to be.“

“You mean before we had our coming out?”

“Something like that. I suppose roots are there to keep a grip on the situation, athough I must say I feel a lot cleaner.”

“I do have to invest more energy in holding on. I remember my younger days where I loved every stormy wind current that blew through my bows. I was so proud to have won every time. Today I have a sort of uncertain feeling, as if each blast will be my last.”

“As long as we are together nothing can really conquer us.”

“Are you sure? They say together we stand and divided we fall.”

“No problem, we have stood here long enough, root in root. And look at the view.”

“That is what I am not so happy about. Where have all the other trees gone? There used to be so many. And the view is now houses where people live.”

“But we look down on them.”

“Yes we do, but for how long. I used to look down on other trees and one day they disappeared.”

“And then came the houses.”

“It is so peaceful here. Fresh air fanning our leaves, a good grip on the surroundings, what more could we want.?”

“OK Joe, there they are, a real risk for the kids when they play in the garden. A strong puff of wind and they will fall and crush some unsuspecting person.”

“Where shall we start Fred?”

“By the look of them, I don’t even thing we need a chain saw. We can heave them out with the machine.”

And so the men went about their daily work, clearing away a few trees. Soon they were gone, two trees that had held each other safe since they were  born. The men did not hear their screams as they were separated for ever, but they fell together.

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