Monday, 12 January 2009

MULTIPLY United Friends Challenge #109

Rosiebeck's Challenge

Tell us what part of your body that you like and why.
Write which way you want - funny, tragic, gloatingly or just Thankful...:)

If there was a competition for having the largest nose
Then I would definitely win, as far as the statistic goes
I blame it on the ancestors, they had it in the genes
Our family was well known to put noses in the scenes
If a friend wants to describe me to someone quite unknown
He can say it’s the lady with the big nose, she stands there quite alone
At once they know it’s me, in the center of my face
It really is unique to have one in such a place
Imagine when a germ might find its way and I sneeze
With such a volume and space, it can really cause a breeze
My nose and I are one, we have spent many years together
We like to breathe and sneeze, we brave all and every weather
And when the winter comes and the air gets very cold
It might be that it changes, into a red glow very bold
Oh nose you are my friend, I don’t care if you bark
You are just part of me, my most well known trademark.

United Friends Challenge #109

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