Monday, 12 January 2009

MULTIPLY Poetry Posse Week #14: Reflections


I look in the mirror and what do I see
Can that person with grey hair really be me
When I was younger my hair was so brown
The years have gone past, I begin to feel down
Looking back in reflections, I remember my youth
I grew up in a London destroyed, was the truth
On the rubble of war my playground I found
I was daring and brave, energy was unbound
We had an old house, it was not so bad
I lived so secure with my mum and dad
My childhood went quickly, then life became stern
The path is not free, for existence I must earn
I worked in the city of London, so fine
amongst men with bowler hats and umbrellas, I soon fell in line
It was swinging sixties, the Beatles were kings
Rolling Stones and The Who, they were my things
I got a bit restless and wanted to roam
I decided to go to Z├╝rich, the town of the gnome
My feet were still marching, so I wandered afar
I moved on to Solothurn, and then met my star
It is forty years later and now have two boys
My life has been good, been full with such joys
I now have two months and my work life is finished
I have no more targets, my wants are diminished
I will now live at home and take care of my cats
They are my good friends, they sleep on the mats
So today I am grey, I am perhaps somewhat fatter
I can look back on a life, so fine that’s what matters
The future will come, but I have no fear
And who knows, I will blog for the next twenty year.

Poetry Posse Week #14: Reflections

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