Friday, 19 December 2008

MULTIPLY Creative Challenge #32: Duel


Twas on a misty morning early, they met with hate as fuel
My tabby cat was insulted and so she decided on a duel
The neighbour’s cat was in the way and getting very cheeky
She was doing her best to enlarge her revere and this was very sneaky
But Tabby knew this was not right and challenged to a fight
She was supported by her sister Nera, who helped with all her might.
The neighbour’s cat called Roschti by name, was partnered by Mr. Grey
All were ready and waiting to fight, deep in the grass they did lay
The neutral cat called Bobinette, was to judge that all was fair
The cats were ready to bite and scratch, they had already left their lair.
Nera gave Tabby a piece of wood to sharpen up her claws
Roschti was chewing on a piece of meat to strengthen up his jaws
The stage was set the fight could begin, the cats were ready to pounce
When suddenly there was a noise, then Bobinette had to announce
The humans have the tin opener, why didn’t I think of this sooner
It seems that they will be preparing a meal of meat topped up with a tin of tuna
At the sound of these words, the cats were calm, they decided to touch their paws
Let us make peace said Tabby and Roschti, now there exist other laws
So if your cats just want to war, then grant them their last wish
Before they start to fight each other, give them each a tuna fish dish.

Garfield? - the neighbour's cat

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