Wednesday, 17 December 2008

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Snow in the garden 2008

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We have had a few snow falls on and off since beginning November, but nothing really worth talking about. Yesterday evening the weather forecast on the Swiss TV showed a map of Switzerland with snowflakes everywhere except for the region where I live. The forecaster said we would have a little bit of snow, but not so much. Well if this photo of my garden taken this afternoon is a little bit of snow, then I wonder what a lot would look like. When I drove to work this morning it had just started snowing in small respectable flakes, nothing dramatic. However, during the morning the flakes grew and were larger. When I left work at lunch time I spent at least ten minutes wiping the snow off the car. Thank goodness the roads were more or less clear and I managed to go shopping and get home ok.

There were horror stories about the rest of Switzerland. Our company's reps that have to travel during the day to the customers told about moving only five kilometers in one hour. Some parts of the motorways were closed and many lorries were stuck on the slopes and could move no further. One thing the forcaster did say rightly was that our area is not so affected as others. A lot of mountain villages are now cut off and towns such as Z├╝rich and Bern are buried in the snow that fell today. The snow is supposed to stop tomorrow, although we will still have temperatures of Zero degrees Celsius. It might get a bit warmer in the afternoon up to about 2°C. It is supposed to stop snowing tomorrow slowly, but surely, and at the week-end we have the big thaw so will probably be surrounded by water.

I just cannot understand that there are people who find it looks so pretty. I will now be retired by the end of February, so I might be able to appreciate it next year when I do not have to go to work. At the moment I am one of the few that are longing for a "green" Christmas.

My son is coming home for the Christmas holidays from Belgium and will be staying with us until the new year. This time he is travelling by train, taking the train to Paris and then the fast train to Switzerland. He does not need much longer as if he would be flying from Brussels to Geneva and as our airports are more or less closed at the moment because of the snow, I think he has made a good choice.

So from a snowy Switzerland I will now close this blog. Just a photo I took from the office window this morning.

Snow in Bellach

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