Sunday, 21 December 2008

The Bathroom Addiction starring Tabby the Cat

Since I was a kitten one of my favourite places to visit, away from the prying eyes of the the humans, was the bathroom. When I was a kitten my twin sister Nera would accompany me. We could lay for hours in a sink until a human decided to clean its teeth or have a wash. Funny things humans, we cats don't need running water to do such things; a quick lick always does the trick. Anyhow here is one of my baby photos with my long black furred sister Nera. Even her fur was a bit shorter in those days.

Nera and Tabby in the sink

As time passed Nera became wider and heavier. I managed to keep my slim line, but we gave up sitting in sinks as they got too small for the both of us. Now bathrooms are very nice places for having a sleep. They are usually protected from all sides to avoid attacks from any enemies, although the only enemies here are really the humans. They mean it well, but there is nothing worse than settling down for a comfortable sleep and a human decides to have a long lick with something called a shower. That means water everywhere in the bathroom and as we all know, cats are allergic to water being splashed all over the place. Here is one of the photos from my family album taken on a quiet day on the bathroom carpet. No showering being done, no cleaning teeth, just a nice warm place to have a few hours sleep. The best time is in the afternoon. It seems that the humans like to have their shower licks in the mornings.

Tabby in the bathroom

If the bathroom has floor heating, then even more reason to take a cat nap, especially in Winter. There again it can be that the humans get in the way, but I just ignore them. Sometimes Mrs. Human thinks I look sweet and gives me a tummy tickle while I lay there. Now that is really pure Nirvana for a cat. I then drift off into another world. So, where was I? Ah, yes in the bathroom. Now many years have past since the first photo from my family album and Nera has really got too wide for sleeping in the sink. Well, actually she is now a bit on the heavyweight side, but does not like to hear that. In any case this morning I thought I would try the sink out again. It has been almost six years, but I found the sink is still comfortable and I still have enough room.

Tabby in the bathroom

I was pondering about a nice quiet hour in the sink when I realised my mistake. It was morning and the humans had not yet had their morning shower lick. They even clean their teeth at the sink. Strange habits they have, we cats would never think about cleaning our teeth, just not necessary. Anyhow, something very degrading happened. There I was minding my own business, having a few feline thoughts and Mrs. Human appeared with the camera. Not that I mind cameras, but prefer to be warned so that I can have a photo done with my complete cat dignity. She likes to experiment with photography now and again. So what did she do. She put the camera on the sink and did a portrait of me.

Tabby in the bathroom

Now this is really not me from my best side and I am sure Mrs. Human would not be happy if I started taking photos of her in the bath, but what can you do as a cat. You are just delivered to the whims of the species from a race lower in the scale. Anyhow, I am now back in the bathroom having a few hours of meditation and Nirvana. It is evening and the humans tend to look at their television during the evening, so everything is safe.

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