Friday, 5 December 2008

MULTIPLY Creative Challenge #30: Appreciate and Adore


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I’m Nera the cat Just adore me, I’m fine
You must take a look at me, everything’s mine
My fur is just perfect, it’s shining like silk
My teeth are so pearly, so white just like milk
I am the best, and my eyes are so yellow
My voice is so smooth, it sounds like a cello
Some humans might say I eat to much
But I think I am fine with my sleeky touch
If I walk down the path all the cats are just looking
“Hey sexy” they call “what have you got cooking?”
I pay no attention, I am just the best
I look down upon all, they are just the rest
Mrs. Human might say I am getting too fat
but I think I am perfect for a long haired black cat
I sway when I walk, that’s my sexy way
I could look in a mirror all the long day
In Summer I collect snails which isn’t so fine
Mrs. Human cleans me up, I am just so devine
Some people might say my fur is a mess
But they are just jealous, I have such success
Please do not touch me, I am very fragile
I am here to be adored and not to be agile
I am so appreciated, the other cats look
I am number one, it’s written in my book.

Creative Challenge #30: Appreciate and Adore

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