Monday, 8 December 2008

MULTIPLY Poetry Posse Week 11: All I want for Christmas

Window of local confiseur shop

All I want for Christmas is a place without the stress
Where my Christmas meal is cooked and the work I do is less
The children are now adults and do not ask for much
A present in an envelope gives just the wanted touch
The days of lego, trains and dolls are now a long time passed

The thrills of opening boxes with bows have gone now all too fast
“So son what do you want from me, something a little cuter?”
“No mum, I know what I would like – the latest personal computer
and please remember that I need to make my choice so fair
with excel, word and internet and rams, for this I care.”
“Don’t worry son I know your needs, I will see what I can do
but what is with my other son, I have not got a clue.”
“I have no wants as you can see, an envelope is fine
just fill it up with lots of notes, I cannot use a dime.”
It seems my children are all now settled and then I ask my man
Computers and money he has enough, of those he is a fan.
“So husband tell me what you would like, your wish will be fulfilled
A pullover, book, or record is a choice, just something to make you thrilled”
“Oh wife, I am happy as things just are, I have no greater need
The music comes from Ipod tunes and books I have to read
So let us enjoy the Christmas hols with lots of food and drink
and look to take it easy, away from the kitchen sink.
All we want for Christmas is our family and each other
let us not forget our cats, with love we will us smother.

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