Wednesday, 3 December 2008

A Short Winter Walk

Castle Waldegg, Feldbrunnen

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I am still only working half days so yesterday afternoon I had to quickly go to the vets to collect something for a friend of mine. She lives on the other side of town and as we work together it is easier for me to pick up the stuff and bring it into the office for her (and her 9 Kilo Maine Coon cat of course). I would have taken the car, but it is always difficult to find a space to park it and the walk is supposed to be healthy - so my doctor says. I, of course, took my camera with me and at last managed to take a photo of our local castle, Waldegg, in all its size and shape. As we are now approaching Winter and the leaves have gone from the trees the view is much clearer. The castle was renovated about ten years ago and you can also have a look inside. It has become quite popular for wedding photos over the last few years.

Around the corner from the castle is our local church.

Church St. Niklaus-Feldbrunnen

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It is a roman catholic church but the graveyard is for all village members. After all in the next world we are all equal. As can be seen there is still some snow left from last week. It has been so cold that it has not yet melted away; luckily the roads are clear and the pavements. From the church I turn the corner into the street where the vet is.

Mistletoe in a tree

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These trees have always fascinated me. Being from London I only knew mistletoe at Christmas from what we bought from a market stall. I had never seen it growing. It seems to be quite common in Switzerland and the little bushes growing out of the bark of this tree are mistletoe. Mistletoe is a parasite and lives off the trees. It does not seem to do any harm as the trees are very old.

I arrived at the vets and picked the stuff up I needed. On the way back I managed to capture this photo over the top half of our village.

St. Niklaus, Feldbrunnen

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It was starting to get dark and the sun was pushing through the clouds. It was also getting colder so I was glad to be almost home.

At the moment there seems to be a bit of a Christmas stress in the air. Mr. Swiss was out yesterday celebrating with his fellow musicians in the jazz group he plays for. I am out tomorrow evening with my first aid group celebrating and in the office the Christmas party is being organised, but I will probably not attend. Everyone means it well, but gradually I would just like to switch off a bit and take it easy. Even the cats seem to be sleeping more at the moment. During the day I just see them sleeking around looking for some different sleeping quarters. Even at night their walks are restricted to fifteen minutes at the most. Can't really blame them in the minus night temperatures we have at the moment.

The Swiss are getting ready for their annual voting of next years government. We are so completely democratic with our seven ministers, but they all have to be revoted each year from the parliament. One of the seven ministers is stepping down so we have a bit of excitement choosing who will take his place. Will it be someone from Z├╝rich, from Valais or from the French part of Switzerland. The minister leaving is from Kanton Bern and many are sorry to see him go as he will not be replaced from someone in that Kanton. For someone not being Swiss this is all mumbo jumbo I know, but for the Swiss it is their annual excitement. I follow the happenings, but eventually it does not really bother me, income tax we have to pay all the same. Last week-end we had voting on a few referendums, which were all turned down, so that was a lot about nothing.

Mr. Swiss is out this evening on a rehearsal with the band, so I will make myself comfortable with a book (or perhaps the computer - who knows?)

View towards South from Feldbrunnen

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