Friday, 21 November 2008

MULTIPLY Creative Challenge #28: Summer Rain

Rainbow over Feldbrunnen

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One day we had a shower of Summer rain. It was just before I was driving home from work. As I got to the private road descending from a hill where our local castle is I saw this rainbow from the car window. I was naturally impressed, and having my camera with me as always I knew I just had to take a photo. Now it is not easy to stop the car on the road for this purpose. There can be cars approaching from the other direction and I had to park out of the way. I drove just past the entrance to the castle and parked the car on the road where it lead to just one side, so I was half on grass and half on the paved part.

Castle Waldegg

This is a view of the gates to the castle. They are generally closed. If you look towards the right you can see the beginning of some grass and the road. I was sort of halfway parked on the road and the grass. So everything under control. I climbed out of the car and took a few photos of the rainbow being very pleased with the result. We often get rainbows after the Summer rain in our area. I decided my job was done so climbed into the car. I had to drive backwards which I am not very good at. There were two ladies standing near the stairs and suddenly they were waving their arms in the air. As the radio was running in the car I did not hear what they were saying. It did not take long and suddenly I felt a bump in the car. Oh dear, I had backed into part of the stones at the bottom of the stairs and the two nice ladies were trying to warn me. Anyhow driving a Volvo S 90 is always an advantage as they are strong sturdy cars. I examined the bumper and oh dear, the stone at the side of the bottom stair had cut into the metal and the metal was split.

I arrived home and took a couple of photos of the damage - I mean how can you otherwise explain these things to your husband.

car damage

My other half examined the photos and a little later inspected the damage first hand. He found that as the car was more than ten years old and had seen many kilometers we would leave it for the time being. I think we drove at least a year with the bumper having this mark, although it did seem after a while that the car was making mysterious noises somewhere in the area of the back of the car. A new bumper may have been a good idea, but we exchanged this car a couple of weeks ago for a newer one. I was glad for an understanding husband that even asked to see the photos of the rainbow.

So Summer rain is really something romantic and soothing after a hot sunny day. It's cooling effect on the skin and for the plants is really a wonderful thing, and when accompanied by a beautiful rainbow, what more could one wish for. However, on this particular day, I realised that Summer rain can have its hidden threats. I now think twice before I park the car quickly to take the photo of a rainbow caused by the after effects of a summer rain.

Creative Challenge #28: Summer Rain

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