Thursday, 20 November 2008

Birds, Cats and Weather

Sparrow in garden

This little fellow and his friends caused a bit of feline excitement in the garden this week.

"Mrs. Human, we were not excited, just inquisitive to see if they would get nearer or not" spoke Nera, my black cat
"There I was sitting in the garden just having a smell around and suddenly not only one, but at least six of our feathered victims were sitting in the apple tree, what a wonderful site."
"I noticed Nera" I said " and I had to make sure that the feathered friends did not decide to fly down to the ground."
"That was your mistake Mrs. Human, that would have been ten times better than a tuna fish supper."

That was one of the reasons I walked out into the garden as when the birds saw me, they flew away. Talking of cats I was not very pleased with Fluffy my Selkirk Rex this week. I had gone to bed and at about two o'clock in the morning there was a lot of meowing and scratching at the cat flap in the kitchen window. I dragged myself out of bed to see what was going on and what did I see?

Fluffy looks at the new cat in the neighbourhood with suspicion

"Let me tell everyone Mrs. Human" spoke up Fluffy, my Selkirk Rex cat
"OK, go ahead Fluffy" I said and so it was like this.
"You know Mrs. Human I was just eating some food in the kitchen and minding my own business when I felt that some unknown cat was watching me. I might not see anything, but my nose functions wonderfully and I could smell an unknown presence near bye. It was then that the smell became familiar and I knew that Roshti, the threat of the neighbourhood was watching. I sniffed up to the cat flap and realised he was sitting on the other side. At that moment when I got nearer, Roshti actually attacked the cat flap and tried to break through, but I was a brave cat and hissed as loud as possible and scratched at the flap and naturally gave a loud miaow."
"Yes Fluffy, that was exactly what I heard as I was sleeping."
"Mrs. Human if you were awake during the night and observant like us cats, you would not have had such a problem. Sleeping is something to do during the day. In any case then you arrived and Roshti was still sitting outside watching."
"I know, Fluffy, but that was when I clapped my hands and frightened him away."
"That was ok Mrs. Human, but I am sure he would have disappeared eventually because I also tried to attack him."
"I am convinced Fluffy, but I was just a little worried that you or Roshti might have broken the cat flap. Anyhow after Roshti had gone, I saw that Nera and Tabby were both sleeping at home and you were inside so I lowered the blinds to make sure that there were no more attacks from Roshti during the night and I could have a good night's sleep."
And that was the adventure we had this week during the night. Needless to say I felt a little bit tired the next day after have a disturbed night's sleep. The cats all seemed quite happy as if nothing had happened.

Otherwise my usual weekly trot. As I am still only working half days I can still take it easy in the afternoon, although most of the time I remain at home, the weather is turning colder and is a bit miserable. We have had a few rainfalls, but have been promised some nice 10 cm snow falls at the week-end. Generally week-end snow does not bother me so much as I do not have to go to work, but just this Sunday my husband has a gig with his jazz group as has to travel to one of the villages, but luckily only about 15 minutes by car, although through snow it might take longer. I might be going along as well to take some photos, but am not yet sure. It depends on the weather.

In Switzerland things are being planned for the annual government elections. As once mentioned we have seven ministers that stay in their jobs every year unless they decide to retire. This year one has decide to retire and there is a big discussion about who will take his place. The government will vote at the beginning of December, but they have about ten nominations so it will be a bit of excitement on the Swiss front. I don't know how the American bank problem has affected other countries, but Switzerland has just started showing signs. Some companies have had to cut down on employees and as we deliver to the car companies in Germany we are feeling the recession in orders being made as the car companies in Germany are not doing so well at the moment. Where I work alterations are being made, although up to now nothing drastic. I think the good times are slowly disappearing and we will all have to tighten up a bit.

So that was a little bit of new on the Swiss home front. Here is probably the last photo of Autumn from my part of Europe, the next photos will probably be a snow landscape.

Along the River Aare by Feldbrunnen

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