Monday, 24 November 2008

A Lively Sunday morning and all that jazz

Wangen an der Aare

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Although I am not really one for laying in bed on Sunday morning until lunch time, I do like to take it easy with a bit less stress. This Sunday was something a bit different. My husband had a "gig" (for those not knowing, a musical appearance) with the jazz group in the local village of Wangen an der Aare (see photo - yes we had a snow fall in the night). The place of the concert was in one of the local clubs. It was their first public appearance and they were to play from ten in the morning until half past eleven so we had to drive off around nine o'clock. My hubby plays drums so they have to be assembled when we arrive. Sometimes I think it would be a bit easier if he played a trumpet, he would then only have a small case to carry.

Anyhow our car was occupied by a drum set and me and hubby and we set off. When we arrived the other band members also arrived so we were all busy getting things ready.

Senior Jazz Birds Wangen an der Aare

As you can see assembling a drum kit is not the easiest thing in the world, but practice makes perfect and everything was ready in time. The group play "mainstream" jazz so please do not confuse it with dixieland. Here we are amongst the disciples of John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Art Blakey and Benny Golson just to name a few.

The concert was open to the public and there was quite an audience. Some of our friends from our town were also there. It is a quintet with pianist, trumpet/flugelhorn, trombone, bass and of course my husband on drums. They come from various parts of Switzerland and meet once a week for a practice. They have all been playing for many years, and now have the name "Senior Jazz birds". The senior part has been added over the years.

Senior Jazz Birds Wangen an der Aare

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The photo shows them in action. The concert was well visited and something to drink and eat was also offered. It was a very enjoyable morning, something completely different. They naturally had to play something extra as they were so successful. I left my other half to pack the drum kit away and went home with some friends of ours. I was glad as I had lunch to cook and by the time he was finished he arrived home and I had everything ready.

My husband has been playing drums since he was a young man and although he can fit in in any style his favourite is mainstream which I also like very much. With the years you become an expert somehow, although his knowledge far exceeds mine. I took a couple of videos with my camera although the quality is not exactly the best, but here is a small taste of the Senior Jazz Birds.

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