Saturday, 1 November 2008

Holiday on Saturday

I was not going to blog today for the plain and simple reason I did not know what to blog about. On the other hand, I am never really at a loss for words so decided to blog about nothing special. First of all here is a photo I took on Thursday.

My Garden - the first snowfall 30.10.2008

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Nothing special really - a photo of my garden after the first snowfall this year that arrived during the night. Generally we have the first snow towards the end of November, but this year it came early. If you look carefully you can even see the apples left on my apple tree. I had so many this year I decided to fetch them from the tree when we were running out indoors. I brought the rest in today and they were luckily in perfect condition.

We were actually lucky where I live as by midday on Thursday most of the snow had gone, although there were some bits and pieces left in the grass. There was another picture in the East of Switzerland. Z├╝rich and the areas surrounding were heavily hit. The traffic on the roads came to a standstill, most of the trains were not running and they had a few problems at the airport.

Since Thursday there have been no more snowfalls, at least at our height (500 kilometers above sea level), but up in the mountains they have had so much that most of the alpine pass roads are still closed.

Although today is Saturday all the shops were closed in my area. We live in a catholic Kanton and All Saints day is celebrated. The Swiss are very down to earth. If it is a Saturday, then it is a Saturday and everything is closed. However, our Kanton is shaped in a way that no-one is really that far from the next Swiss Reform Church Kanton, so you can always do your shopping there. Of course we made an extra effort on Friday to get ourselves covered with food and drink for a complete week-end, but my Swiss hubby went to the Kanton of Bern this morning (just 15 minutes away) and bought a couple of things we needed. So what do we do on All Saints day. Well generally it is the day of cemetery visits. Most people go and visit the departed. We decided to stay at home. We have a few departed, but we visit them from time to time now and again without having an All Saints day to do it on. I usually visit them with my camera, you can always take a few interesting photos at a cemetery visit.

I did have intentions of cleaning up the garden a bit, but found that it was quite cold outside so kept my cleaning up to a minimum and decided that as I have a weeks full holiday next week, I would have time. At the moment we are a bit home bound. Our car started dying last week. He is still alive and we can take him for a drive, but have orders not on the motorway. One of the wheels is not as round as it should be and speed is not the remedy for healing chances. In any case, his days are numbered, and we only have it until the end of next week. We will be getting another car and then it will be ready.

I am not happy about this. It took me about two years to really find out how our present car works and now I have to start all over again. I am glad to say the new arrival is an automatic as I do not think I would come to grips with a clutch and changing gears on a car any more.

After having blogged about nothing in particular I will now come to a close. I have a little pile of ironing to do - no problem I know how that works. And here a photo from snowy Solothurn. My husband picked me up in town after I had got there by bus. He had the car again so while I was waiting I took a couple of photos.

The Schanz in snow, Solothurn

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