Tuesday, 4 November 2008

MULTIPLY: Poetry Posse: Week 6: Frustration


When I was small and not so tall
I wanted to ride a bike
No problem was there, I wanted to dare
With three wheels I had a trike

Over stone and edge and through the hedge
I had no problem but
I was three years been and I was the queen
until I fell on my butt

I had a new rule to go to school
and walked along the path
my friends were faster they were the master
I began to feel some wrath

The trike was gone, I wasn”t dead on
the others had two wheels
No problem I thought, a bike must be bought
The beginning of my ills.

I tried and tried, and often cried
Two wheels were not my thing
I kept falling down, I hurt my crown
I did not want to sing

The years went past, I was still downcast
I felt completely distraught
I tried to learn, it was a turn
for the worst and I was caught.

Today I am old, this story I told
To show life’s different stations
a two wheeler was lost, thought nought of the cost
Just one of life’s frustrations.

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