Friday, 31 October 2008

A Halloween Poem


It was the night of Halloween
A night so cold and dark
Pickwick the cat was alone in his lair
Beneath a tree in the park

He had seen many ghosts come and go
He had no longer fear
He was tired and just wanted to rest
And then a meow he did hear

Oh help me please, I am so cold
I feel so hungry and alone
My mother died two days ago
Please let me have a home

Pickwick wondered what this voice could be
It sounded so lost and sad
He dragged himself outside to see
It could not be so bad

His eyes were weak with age and then
He was so deeply smitten
Before his tree there was a shape
It looked just like a kitten

Oh help me please on this dark night
I have nowhere to go
Please give me warmth and perhaps some food
Then Pickwick spoke so slow

I am so old my little cat
My years are nearly gone
but you are welcome in my home

It is only a small salon

The time had come for the ghosts to appear

From places and years gone bye
a special ghost was looking down
for Pickwick must not die

Then laughter suddenly filled the air
The children wanted to eat
They were knocking at the doors in town
And asking trick or treat

As Julie passed by Pickwick’s tree
she looked down and saw the cat
She saw the kitten and felt so sad
As both were not so fat

She called her friends to come and see
the cats hungry and alone
They need some warmth and food to eat
I will take them to my home

So Julie took them both along
and forgot the trick or treat
She wanted that the cats were fed
And gave them food to eat

The spirit of a mother cat
Watched on this Halloween night
She was so happy and could now rest
Her kitten no longer had fright

And so it came to pass this night
that Pickwick and the kitten were found
And Julie had now two cats
who were fed and grew quite round

So if you ever take a walk
On the evening of Halloween
Then think of all the lonely cats
That are waiting to be seen

The spirits of cats long gone
will be hoping for a treat
That the lonely cats will be found
and given food to eat


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