Thursday, 17 July 2008

I went for a walk

Going for walks is not really something out of the ordinary. Basically it is supposed to be healthy, only to be quite honest health has not meant well with me over the last month or so. After having a sort of collapse, breakdown, burnout, whatever modern science calls it, I have really been only fit to sit at the computer and do some writing or other such things, but lively actions were put onto one side.

Of course the daily shopping was done, but mainly with Mr. Swiss. I just felt a bit overwhelmed in the shops with the people and the action. I also stopped taking the car as felt quite giddy now and again. Gradually I am getting back on my feet. Prompted by an appointment at the dentists which I had to keep yesterday and walking into town and back again, I seem to be gradually finding the ground under my feet once again.

So what did we do today. Well I sent Mr. Swiss into town this morning to get the daily survival rations whilst I cleaned the kitchen. It was raining all morning, but this afternoon cleared up a bit so out of boredom we decided to go for a walk, the three cats all being in cat nirvana.

Castle Waldegg

The castle Waldegg is just around the corner from where we live on a hill so we walked in that direction. Naturally I was armed with my camera, but had to keep telling Mr. Swiss to move over as I did not want 20 photos of Mr. Swiss with the scenery in the background.

Path from Feldbrunnen towards Riedholz

We took the path threw the country roads and made our way to the frog pond.

Pond in Feldbrunnen

Looks a bit like a pea soup at the moment. The frogs have had their fun in Spring and have now moved out. There might be some spawn under the surface but as I was sinking slowly but surely into the surrounding mud I decided not to tempt fate and just made a couple of photos.

Riders in Feldbrunnen

On the way back we crossed paths with the two riders. There is a riding school and stables near to where we live so is a common sight in this area.

Horses in Feldbrunnen

When I had a look at the photos I realised that one of the horses was probably a stallion. Just don't look at those things when I take a photo. In the background is the building belonging to the riding school.

Path towards Castle Waldegg

This is the side path leading to the castle. The trees must be at least one hundred years old.

Hollyhocks seen in a garden in St. Niklaus, Feldbrunnen

We eventually got back to the village and passed this garden of hollyhocks which I just had to take a photo of. I have some as well in my garden, but not such a variety of colours as here.

Eventually we arrived home tired but happy (well I was tired and someone else was probably happy). I was just glad to get my shoes off, dress in something relaxing and take it easy. Mr. Swiss found it did me good to get out a bit so I suppose he is right. My cats were still in Nirvana when I got back home. Here is another view of the castle close-up.

Castle Waldegg

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