Monday, 12 May 2008

Today was my lucky day

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Admittedly I am not an Madonna lookalike and my days of Barbara Streisland look alike also seem to be disappearing, but for my son I am at an interesting age (?) and today I discovered I am worth something. Well up to now exactly L$400 . I now belong to an individual that I do not know, have never met and is 30 years younger than I am. Things are going so fast that I cannot keep up, but I believe my value has increased by about L$200 since this morning.

Where is this all happening. On Facebook of course - thankyou son. I had a visit from my son for a few days and he told me he was on facebook, so his stupid mum had to join as well. This does have its advantages, son sent me a virtual rose for mother's day and I sent him a glass of beer.

However back to my value. Now I must say I am completely new to this Facebook/Myspace teenie thing, but what we mothers do to keep up with the kids knows no boundaries. Mr. Swiss tells me not to speak to loudly when I talk about being sold and buying people. A web colleague bought me today (when she reads this she know who she is). Basically I was flattered, but then I didn't realise that I could be sold again. Since the initial sale I have been bought and sold three times. I am not very happy with my owner at the moment, not my sort of thing, but who knows perhaps the Brad Pitt lookalike will find I am the woman of his dreams and then you can be certain that I will buy him.

Thank goodness Explorer 7 has the tab system. I can open spacebook at the same time as Multiply, so while I am writing this blog I can see what is happening to me.

I have also joined the social me tournament. I don't really know how that happened, I just did a click somewhere and there I am. It seems that if I invite 20 friends I get a bonus of 40,000 Bonus Points and highest priority placement within search results, fun. I started adding up on my fingers and found I must be a very lonely person as I really don't have 20 people I would count as my friends, at least not in the Facebook average age group.

At the moment I only have four friends in facebook, but I am already stressed with those four. At least I was not surprised this evening when my son phoned me from Brussels airport to say he was waiting for the plane to Ljublijana. I knew he was going some time, but saw his plans on facebook.

You can also send human gifts to people, perhaps a leg, an arm or a new nose (that would suit me - mine was always a bit on the large size, hence the Barbara Streisland thing).

There are lots of things you can do, but unfortunately I have not yet discovered all of them. Am waiting for the next visit from son No. 2 that he can fill me in. On the other hand after surfing around a bit on facebook I have discovered that I have four colleagues in the office that belong. Must ask few questions tomorrow.

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