Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Guess what the cats had today - Yes, tuna fish

Well they all had their noses in their dishes this evening, although Nera looked a bit aloof.
"What did you expect, Mrs. Human, I was waiting for my tuna and you gave Tabby and Fluffy their fish first of all. I am not used to be the last, after all I am the oldest and most beautiful."
"Hold you squeaks Nera" said Tabby, "it just so happens that since you run away from Roschti all the time and I have to do the chasing your status has gone down just a little bit".

Although the argument between my cats didn't last very long. Tabby soon had her nose in her fish dish and Fluffy did not even bother to join in the conversation. Tuna fish is tuna fish. And what did Nera do, she waited a couple of minutes and could not resist the fish any more and started munching. Afterwards they had a relaxing hour out on the porch.

Fluffy, Tabby & Nera relaxing

I had an interesting meeting after lunch today. I parked my car at work and was walking over to the office building, loaded with a shopping bag and two pots of herbs (chives and basil) which looked very nice. Then I looked down and saw a butterfly in its last hours. I had never seen one that colour before so I put my bags down and took the camera out. Unfortunately the butterfly was moving so the photo did not show the result I would have liked.

Unknown butterfly

It got a bit blurred around the edge. It was a bit of an uneventful day. Nothing special actually happened. My value in Facebook has increase, it seems I have now been bought for L$500. I have also collected 3 colleagues from work as my friends in Facebook who have been there for some time. It's a small world really I suppose.

I now have to water the garden, Fluffy is telling me he wants to go inside and it is no longer so warm out here on the porch so I think I will now call it a day.

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