Tuesday 22 April 2008

At Home alone

It doesn't often happen that I am alone at home in the evening, but this evening Mr. Swiss has a training programme. No gymnastics, but he plays drums in a modern jazz group and has a rehearsal from time to time. This means I am left to my own devices for an evening. My oldest son is also at home, and the three cats of course, but we all do our own thing. As Mr. Swiss was having a meal with the other "musicians" I just had to prepare something for my son and me. Well I had a little accident today after shopping.

Oh dear!

I just don't know how it happened. Mr. Swiss said don't forget to buy some eggs and I put them in my shopping bag. The shopping bag was in the car for the afternoon and I didn't even buy anything heavy enough to put in the bag and cause the accident. When I packed the bag out at home this was the result. There were 10 eggs originally and 5 were put in the fridge. What to do with the rest. Well at 50 cents an egg I decided the evening meal was already planned for my son and me and we actually really enjoyed it. I made an omelet for each of us. My son will not eat cheese, so I cut some ham up for him and made a ham omelet. I like cheese, and as we had some Gruyere (naturally Swiss cheese) at home I grated it and made myself a cheese omelet. Yes, we housewives are very good at improvisations. As I used up 4 broken eggs, we still have one left. Something for Mr. Swiss lunch tomorrow.

So after such a 5 star meal I still have the evening in front of me. It seems that the Swiss tele are bringing live Liverpool v Chelsea in the semi final of the champions league. At first I thought it was only coming on our Swiss Italian tv channel, which would have meant big concentration on my part to follow 90 minutes football with an Italian commentary. I then saw that our Swiss German channel is also bringing the match. It is not very often that I get the chance to see english football on our tv, generally I would have to pay extra for the privilege. Basically I am neither a Liverpool supporter (who me - a London cockney - never) or a Chelsea supporter (you cannot support West Ham United and even think that Chelsea is good - it's all money), but I suppose going back to the roots I am sort of forced to support Chelsea.

And the cats, well Fluffy is sleeping on the armchair in the living room after having a wash

Fluffy having a wash

Nera decided to leave me with the television to look at and curled up somewhere on top of a cupboard

Nera jumps

and due to the rain and colder weather we have had over the last couple of days the floor heating has been switched on again so Tabby has made herself comfortable on the bathroom floor where she is protected from all four sides - can be a bit complicated now and again when you wat to visit a quiet place.

Tabby in the bathroom

Now the match has just begun, so will come to a close. It's handy having the television next to the computer.

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