Monday 21 April 2008

Yesterday was Spring again, Today was April


Yesterday we had a nice warm day, I think the first Sunday this year. Even Nera my cat decided to enjoy it in the morning. She told me to take a picture of her in the garden, as she found that the surroundings were very picturesque.
"It's always the same around here. If you take my picture, then I am yawning, having a wash or a scratch. Most undignified, so I though it was time for one of my model photos again." and so she sat in the plants and I took a photo.
I told her "Nera I just like to take photos of you, you are so photogenic, but most of the time you are sleeping."
Nera answered "It's only in the afternoons that I sleep, to get prepared for the evening. I have to be careful that I don't get too much sun on my fur."
This was a new one for me so I had to find out more and Nera explained.
"I have such beautiful silky long fur and after Winter it is at its best".
Suddenly Fluffy walked up. "I know what you mean Nera, in Spring you don't have any smelly dried up snails in your fur or dried up stalks."
"Fluffy, Mrs. Human and I are having a conversation and no-one asked for your comments."
"Yes, this time you are right" I said "After all Fluffy, Nera was just telling me why she doesn't like to go out in the afternoon. Continue Nera."
"I was just explaining about my wonderful black fur and what happens when it gets in the sun too much. It changes its colour and goes grey in Summer.

Nera showing her tummy

Now I just do not look as sexy with my grey fur, so I avoid the sun when I can."
"I see what you mean Nera."
"And just who do you want to look sexy for" said Fluffy "As soon as Roschti shows his nose you disappear".
"Fluffy, I do have my preferences, and Roshti is definitely not one of them. Now Mr. Grey from the garden opposite is a different type of cat. He has class."
"Yes Nera and he has had the same operation as you and me, so I don't really know what all this sexy stuff is".
Nera started to get a bit annoyed with Fluffy.
"You can be just as sexy after the operation. Mr. Grey is a very nice tom cat, he doesn't chase me across the gardens like Roschti and I have exchanged many friendly miaus with him outside in the garden. Besides, I am just not the type to be the feline mother of the year. Just imagine having kittens twice a year, bringing them up, feeding them and washing them, and above all showing them how to keep clean in the cat box. No thank you."
"Well Nera", said Fluffy "I suppose you are right there. I think Mrs. Human has enough to do with you and Tabby and me, I don't think she would want kittens as well. Think of the tuna fish that would need. Think it's time for a lick."

Fluffy having a wash

And afterwards I will have a lay down in a shady part of the garden. The sun doesn't damage my fur, I am a blue tabby, so I am already a bit grey" answered Fluffy.
"I have never seen the blue bits in your fur Fluffy" said Nera "looks more like you have dreadlocks to me"
I thought it was time for me to intervene as I noticed Fluffy was showing his claws.
"I think you two have insulted each other enough, now how would it be if you both had a little sleep in the garden on such a nice sunny day. Tomorrow it will be raining."
"Rain - oh I don't like rain, I get wet" said Nera
"And you start smelling as well".
"Fluffy that is enough, now have a nose sniff and be friends".
Nera found a better idea "We will be friends for today, but please without the nose sniff Mrs. Human".
"Now I agree with Nera" said Fluffy, "I don't think either of us want to sniff the other ones nose."
At last the cats quietened down a bit and went their own way. The things you hear when two cats have a conversation.

Fluffy in the shade


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