Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Tuna Fish Wednesday

Fluffy discovers the tuna fish tins

Yes, it's Wednesday when me and my husband make a tuna fish salad for tea and the cats get their portion of tuna fish as well. I unpacked the tins and Fluffy was already having a sniff. He looked around for the tin opener but as he couldn't find one he jumped off the table and with Nera waited eagerly for the fish to be served.

Fluffy and Nera waiting for Tuna Fish

They were not disappointed and soon all three were munching away at their feline portions. Tabby said she was so photogenic today and wouldn't let herself be photographed.

Otherwise one of those days at work where a new, fantastic, most modern and wonderful computer programme was introduced. It was so good, that after an hour or so we started realising that it didn't work as it should. Why do these things always have teething troubles. I won't go into details, but we were all in the office 30 minutes longer today until we more or less got everything done. I am sure tomorrow will be better (I hope). And this is a short blog this evening, there is another match on the tv. This time Barcelona v Manchester United. I am getting quite spoilt this week, 2 matches in one week, and thanks to a Liverpool player that is probably feeling very sad at the moment, Liverpool and Chelsea will have a reply of yesterday's match in about a week's time. Somehow I have to fit yesterday's episode of East Enders into this evenings viewing.

If anyone is interested I did take a few pictures of yesterday's match, not such perfect quality as they came from the tv, but a little souvenir of the match. Almost as interesting as the match was watching the two trainers watching their teams. But have a look for yourselves.

Liverpool v. Chelsea 22.04.2008

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