Wednesday 19 March 2008

Garfield v. Mr. Grey

Garfield & Mr. Grey

Things seem to be quietening down at work and I managed to get home a bit earlier. Just after our evening meal I noticed that Mr. Grey, the neighbours cat was at the window looking in. What did you say Nera?
Nera: What did you expect Mrs. Human. Of course he was looking in, it was tuna fish evening and he always looks in on Wednesday.
Well, Nera if that's the case, do you think I should invite him as well.
Nera: Is that a bad joke - hissss. The tuna fish is here for us, not for a grey haired bony cat like him.
Well, I only wanted to be friendly Nera, after all he is the neighbour's cat.
Nera: Well, I am not too keen on being friendly to neighbour's cats. Even Mr. Grey had a problem this evening didn't he?

Nera was right of course, Mr. Grey did have a problem, but I found he mastered it quite well - Nera stop hissing, I am talking now - to continue. Mr. Grey was looking through our kitchen window watching my 3 cats eating their tuna fish.
Nera: Of course he was looking in, that's where he belongs.
Tabby: She's right you know. Tuna for us - not for other cats.
Fluffy: I just love Wednesdays. Perhaps you could tell Mr. Grey's human to give him Tuna fish as well on Wednesday, then he wouldn't be so sad not getting any of our tuna fish.

Well excuse me cats, but I would like to tell what happened. Nera, Tabby and Fluffy go and play with a toilet roll or have a sleep.
Nera, Fluffy & Tabby: Sorry Mrs. Humans, but our silly kitten games with toilet rolls are gone. We are going to have a cat nap.

Thank goodness for that, I thought I would never be able to tell what happened. Well after Mr. Grey stopped looking through our window, he had a sit down outside on our patio. I thought that would make a nice photo and went outside to see if he was in a photogenic mood. Then something moved in the grass on the other side of the garden. It was Garfield, the terror of the neighbourhood. My 3 cats just run when he comes (I do wish that cat would have his operation), but Mr. Grey is not the sort of cat to shift on. He might be on the slim side, but he is strongly built. Garfield approached from the left and Mr. Grey kept his guard on the right. The first five minutes were spent staring at each other.

Garfield & Mr. Grey

Then suddenly there was a bit of action. Of course Garfield did not have any respect for Mr. Grey and Mr. Grey was not impressed. I was completely ignored with my camera. This was when Mr. Grey started making curious noises, he was not hissing or miaowing, it was more like a growling noise coming deep from his throat. At first this made no impression on Garfield, so Mr. Grey moved forward a few steps. Then the action started.

Garfield & Mr. Grey

Has Garfield met his match? Did Mr. Grey's guttural threatening noises give him the shock of his life? Well I will never understand cats really, but Garfield turned and stopped for a moment. Mr. Grey looked in the other direction as it the whole thing was too stupid to be bothered with. The result was that Garfield did a leap and was away like the wind and hasn't been seen since. Mr. Grey stayed in our garden for some time afterwards to prove that he was the boss.

Nera, I thought you had gone for a sleep?
Nera: You know your interpretation of the story is completely wrong. Mr. Grey is so stupid. Take my word for it, Garfield will be back in a couple of hours. He only ran off because I am sure his human also has a tuna fish day today. Mr. Grey's human does not have a tuna fish day today, and that is way he stayed outside, thinking that me and my tribe might leave something for him - forget it. You humans have funny ideas about cats.


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