Monday, 24 March 2008

Easter Sunday

Snow in the garden at Easter

That was Easter Sunday? - I thought we were having Christmas holidays again. On Good Friday it started snowing and it only snowed once - just all day. On Saturday it just snowed now and again and Sunday was ok, some of it even disappeared. Today on Easter Monday it only snowed once since this morning and it has now stopped at 10.00 in the evening.

The weather report for tomorrow - more snow during the day and not so warm. My daffodils and crocus are still buried under this snow and my cats have given up with conscious life. They are not speaking to me at the moment and their movements are finding places to sleep and sleeping all day. Only Fluffy, the smallest, is being annoying. He keeps sniffing at the cat flap and trying to open it. Tabby is somewhere in cat nirvana and Nera comes down from her platform on top of the cupboard for food and then goes back up again.

So what did I do all day. I even started taking interest in housewife hobbies - I mean you cannot sit at the computer all day. I cooked a meal for survival purposes and found something to iron. I had a long phone conversation with my best schoolfriend who lives in England. She said it had snowed in England. I started feeling sorry for her, but she said it did not lay around and disappeared again. I told her about our 15 centimeters of snow and she started feeling sorry for me.

The only bright moment in the evening was my usual episode of "The East Enders", an english sitcom showing life in the East End of London where I grew up. I don't know if anyone ever watches this programme, but it does bring back some memories. The nice thing about the programme is that it is not typical of today's East End. They are all so nice cockney Londoners. I don't think you find many Londoners in the East End any more. The street signs are in Hindi, Bengali and Somali (english too but just at the bottom).

Anyhow the East Enders in the sitcom bring their dirty washing to the washing saloons, no-one having their own washing machine. Everyone seems to sit in the local pub in the evening and if they stay at home in the evening they have their drinks there. This evening was very interesting. One of the men, Max, had had an affair with his sons fiancée before she got married and it all came out at their family Christmas party - sort of typical family drama. Max had had a few affairs with women and of course, when his wife found out she filed for divorce. Max cheated her at the divorce proceedings and even had an affair with the lawyers assistant to make sure that everything would turn out to his benefit. Basically he wanted to go back to his wife, that he still loved, but in the meanwhile Tanya, his wife was having an affair with the daughter-in-laws brother, Sean, which Max did not know. Tanya took Max back, but only on a pretence. Actually she started planning to kill Max. So this evening was the murder scene. She drugged Max and Sean turned up with a bus with an empty coffin in the back. They drove to the forest and dug a hole, put the coffin in it and then put Max in the coffin. As they were putting the lid on the coffin, Max woke up. Sean and Tanya drove back home. Tanya was met by her two daughters, but she told them not to worry, dad had stayed out and put them to bed. A few hours later Tanya did get a bad conscience and drove back to the forest and dug Max out and took him back home. Max and Tanya departed as friends, Max telling Tanya if ever she needed him he would come.

Looking at all this I just wonder why I watch all this rubbish. Life was not like that in my East End. We had nice honourable gangsters growing up around the corner, e.g. The Kray family. They would never do things like that in secret. If they wanted someone out of the way they would just shoot them in the local pub, although they made a few mistakes as they ended up in prison.

Tomorrow it is back to work. I have so much extra time and had already mentioned at work that when the big snow comes do not expect to see me before nine in the morning, which will be the case tomorrow. My oldest son will be walking to work - not so far.

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