Saturday, 9 February 2008

A Wonderful Sunny Day

The first crocus in garden 2008

Well this year's crocus have arrived. They have been blossoming all week, but as I am a working woman I didn't see them properly until today. Although it is not exactly Spring temperatures, we had full sun all day and blue skies. After spending the morning doing housewify things, like cleaning windows, hoovering and cooking I decided to go into town this afternoon. Before I went I noticed that my cats were out in the garden enjoying the sunny weather. Fluffy was sitting on the lawn making the most of the weather.

Fluffy in garden in Spring

I decided to walk into town. It was the first time this year and I was wondering why each year I need longer to get there, after all it is only a kilometer. I naturally had my camera with me, you never know what might turn up. This photo shows one of the narrow alleys on the way called the Grimmengasse.

Grimmengasse, Solothurn

and this is our local senior citizens home, just across the road. Might be useful one of these days.

St. Katharine senior citizens home, Solothurn

There were not many people in town and I did not really have to get anything special, although my other half asked me to get one of our National newspapers, the Saturday edition, as they always have the coloured supplement which is usually quite interesting.

There wasn't really anything interesting to photograph in town except for this pigeon. He saw me coming with the camera and decided to hop on this stone (probably a remainder of a roman wall somewhere in town, or just an ornament for pigeons to relax on) and when the pigeon looked at me with that smile on his face I decided to take his photo.


After getting some money out of the money machine I took a slow stroll back home. I was wondering whether to go via the local castle for a few photos of the alps, but I was feeling a bit worn out and it would mean going uphill, so decided on the straight road home. I suppose I should now feel fit and healthy and glad that I went out this afternoon. In a way yes, but I was glad to arrive home. The sun was still shining and I noticed our first wasp or something that looked like one buzzing around the flowers in the garden, so I suppose Spring is just around the corner, although in Switzerland you never know. It wouldn't surprise me if we had a few inches of snow at the end of next week, so I am making the most of it while I can.

Wasp on Crocus in garden

And by this time Fluffy had decided to relax and really make the most of the day

Fluffy in garden in Spring

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