Friday 8 February 2008

Ready for the Week-end, Yes

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Friday evening and our office is empty. As I said to a colleague this afternoon, it seems to me that Friday afternoon is the slowest in the week and he agreed. It was a quiet day, actually a quiet week, Europe being sunk in carnival fever and most people taking days off in between. There were even a couple of small companies in Germany that were closed for three days. The weather was perfect today, clear skies, sunshine and yet another wonderful view of the Swiss alps on my way home, but this time I did not do a photo stop, although I thought it might be a good idea. Arriving home I packed out my shopping trophies, have had my evening meal and am now doing what I always seem to do in the evening - blogging. Even my cats have retired to their usual sleeping places, although I noticed that my big black cat Nera was outside but seemed to come in at a speed.

Nera: No wonder, that bit Ginger Garfield lookalike was outside again.
Me: But Nera, you are much bigger than the new cat, how comes you always run away from it.
Nera: There are just certain things a two legged human cat does not understand. I am a lady, or was until that unforgettable visit to the vets. However, I forgive you for that, I don't think having lots of kittens would be my thing. And the problem is that if I had not had my, well you know, operation, that Ginger cat would have probably taken advantage of me.
Me: Can you explain that one a bit more detailed Nera?
Nera: You humans can be a bit naïve sometimes. That new cat around here is a tom cat - understand. A tom cat with all the bits and pieces, and that is why Tabby and I are not keen to be near him. He seems to get a bit frustrated around me and Tabby and he gets quite annoyed to say the least.
Fluffy: Nera is right Human, Now I know what I am talking about because the vet removed my bits and pieces a long while ago - come to think of it I don't really remember having them very long. In any case, I don't mind. The Ginger Tom has a peculiar smell about him that I don't like. I smell much nicer.
Tabby: Fluffy you are a bit simple some times. The Tom cats call that marking their reviere or something like that.
Nera: So human you see what the problem is.
Me: Ok cats, then do you have any suggestions to improve the situation?
Tabby: I think you and Mr. Human are doing the right thing when you empty a jug of water over him when he is here. I even noticed that Mr. Grey's human chased the Garfield lookalike away yesterday evening and even shouted at him.
Nera: I saw that too, seems that Garfield Ginger Tom is not a popular cat around here
Fluffy: Even Bobinette does not like him and she chased him away.
Nera: Bobinette is a few years older than me and Tabby, so I think that ginger tom has a bit more respect from her.
Tabby: Well when Bobinette gets going with her hissing and claws out and fiery look in the eyes I would disappear as well.
Nera: You do, Tabby.
Fluffy: Perhaps he will have his bits and pieces removed one day as well, after all he is a lot younger than we are.
Nera: Let's just keep our claws crossed and hope for that day when we see him in a cage in a car heading up the hill to that place we know too well. When he comes home again he will definitely not be the same cat before he went.
Fluffy: You mean the vets.
Nera & Tabby: Hissssssssss

At this point I left my cats to themselves. In any case it seems that we are on the right track in giving the new cat in the neighbourhood a shower when he turns up. Mr. Human is still a bit careful and usually sprays the new one with water, but I found emptying half a liter of water over him did the trick this week. Will keep an eye on the situation over the week-end.


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