Sunday, 10 February 2008

It's a cat's life

Nera - on the way to her favourite sleeping place

Nera's day: Well it was just a typical day really. This morning I was waiting for one of those two legged types to eventually get up (must be Sunday, always takes longer then) to let me out. Not that I wasn't out during the night, but when I arrived back home the cat flap is shut and I have to wait. A cat that has to wait - degrading really, but I suppose that's a cat's life. Anyhow as I was saying two legs eventually came into the kitchen and let me out. In the early morning hours you never know if you might meet a mouse on its way home, although I think it is a bit cold for them at the moment. First of all I had a sniff and noticed that Garfield, the new cat in town, had been around, but it seemed the coast was clear and it was only his smell in the air. After going on an inspection tour, I decided everything was under control and went back home for a sleep. Later on in the day two-legs, Mr. Human, went for a walk with Fluffy, my blind fellow cat, so I decided to join him. Somehow I don't think Mr. Human always enjoys going out with me as well as Fluffy. Something about me bothering Fluffy and Fluffy not being happy about it. I just keep Fluffy under control - you never know what comes into his curly head. Anyhow the rest of the day seemed to pass ok, no big dramas and Garfield kept clear of us. Mr. Human sort of chased him away and Bobinette the neighbour's cat was around. Of course I had my usually daily photo session, I was just going up to my favourite sleeping place on top of the cupboard and that is where I am now until midnight. Then it is out and about again - all sorts of things move around in the night outside. And now over to Tabby

Tabby - think I will have something to eat

My day - well as always really. I also went out for a few minutes this morning, although not long. I was out most of the night keeping everything under control. My favourite time is the night. You would be amazed what creeps around in the ground at night. Even in the cold nights there are things happening, although I am not too keen on it when its raining. I don't mind water coming upwards, like puddles and muddy places, but water coming downwards, now that is extremely unpleasant - I mean if I want a wash I just have a good lick. Otherwise my day was spent as usual. I always have a problem knowing where to sleep. I have a few favourite places. In the cold winter months I prefer the bathroom. I am sheltered on four sides and the floor is heated. My humans have a nice comfortable carpet and I have spent many happy cat sleeping hours in the bathroom. Now and again a human comes in, but I just ignore them, they soon go away. Today I chose the first cushion on the right on top of the cupboard. Actually I prefer the third cushion on the left, but Nera my big fat boss sister had already taken that one. After my usual 10 hours daily sleep I decided it was time to have a bite to eat. It seemed a bit too early to go out, so I retired once again for a few hours sleep until this evening, then it will be a cats night out again. Meanwhile Fluffy...?

Fluffy - Just waking up

Yes, well, I had a quiet day. Not being able to see anything, I don't usually go out on my own and have to wait for the humans to fit me with my harness so that I can go into the garden. I have quite a wide range to walk around in as I have a telescopic dog lead which is hooked to a pole in the garden. Clever people these humans. I had a good smell through the opened window and gave cat signals to Mrs. Human. She noticed I wanted to go out so fitted me up for the great outdoors. However, after a few minutes I decided it was a bit boring and I also heard that Mr. Human was moving around so decided to go inside to see if there was any action. I then noticed that Mr. Human started making the movements he makes when he takes me for a walk. He took my lead in his hand, but started searching for something - like his key I think - and I had to wait until he was ready. Now that was rather frustrating, there was I ready for a walk and had to wait. Eventually the door was open and we were gone. We took the usual route and suddenly my big black fat boss cat Nera was walking with us. Now I don't mind her being around as long as she keeps her distance. I always have the feeling that she is watching me. Mr.Human was with me so I knew he would have everything under control. I spent the afternoon having a sleep in the armchair indoors and eventually decided to go up on my cat playcentre where I have a good view of everything in my territory and fell asleep.
So that was the day of my cats. Sometimes I would like to be one of my cats as well, no stress, no housework, just sleep when you want to and food is always there.

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