Friday, 15 February 2008

The Sun rose

I arrived at work as usual started getting psychologically ready for the day ahead with the thought at the back of my head "Thanks goodness it is Friday". The telephone rang and me colleague in the accounts department said it was now time for me to come and see her - at 07.30 in the morning. I knew what laid ahead of me so took my camera out of my handbag and went into the accounts department.

On the side of the company where I work we only get full sun in the afternoon and sunsets which I have photographed many times. On the side of the company where the accounts and IT departments are, you get a rising sun in the morning.


My colleagues in the accounts said they would could me if the sun showed up in the morning and this morning it was there, So here it is, my sunrise over Bellach (the village where I work).
I had to open the window wide, which was not very popular so early in the morning, especially as the temperatures were under 0°C and wedged myself between a cupboard and the window to keep steady, otherwise the photos get a bit shaky.

When I returned to my department, export, everyone wanted to see the result(s). As usual I took about 5 photos to be sure.

Otherwise a normal Friday, nothing special happened. A trip to the food temple at lunch time for the week-end shopping and smooth run through the afternoon. My colleague, whose mother has the farm with the cats, told me the two kittens are doing fine and yet another female cat was making advances towards Diego, the stud cat. It seems Diego was willing and the next kittens will probably be arriving in 3 momths time, so it looks like another kitten blog.

So with a view of the sunset from my department I will come to a close.

Sunset over Bellach, Switzerland

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