Saturday, 16 February 2008


I decided to go shopping this morning with Mr. Swiss. I was clearning up a bit at home and Mr. Swiss decided to make himself comfortable in the kitchen with the newspaper, but there was a small problem.

Fluffy under the table

Yes, this was the problem. How do you sit on a chair in the kitchen, when it is occupied by Fluffy. As Mr. Swiss wanted to pull the chair out a cat was sitting comfortable on it. It took a bit of persuasion, but when Fluffy realised that things were much nicer out in the garden, he moved. By then the newspaper was being read in the living room. Fluffy soon made himself at home outside and seemed to enjoy the fresh air.

Eventually I was ready and we went to the supermarket. In the meanwhile Flufy had curled up on his favourite chair, not under the kitchen table, and settled down for a sleep.


My other two cats were having their daily sleep on top of the cupboard so all was quiet at home. Cats seem to sleep 80% of the day and the remainder eating and thinking about where to sleep next.

I had an appointment at the hairdressers in the afternoon so took a walk into town. Although the sun was shining there was a very cold wind blowing. I decided to walk home from town this time along the river. To get to the river I had to cross a park where they have an aviary with some odd birds. I am preparing the photos at the moment, but I just loved these two. It seemed that the cold weather didn't bother these birds, although they probably come from warmer countries.

Budgerigars, Aviary, Solothurn

Aviary, Solothurn

I arrived home after getting through about 50 photos on my camera, but are still preparing them.

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