Thursday, 17 January 2008

Yes, we have mountains too

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I was driving home from work and just got to the private road (which I am allowed to use) at the top of the hill where the local castle is. The weather has been strange for this time of the year. No snow, quite mild, and more rain than usual, although today was a clear day and even the sun came through this afternoon. When I saw the view, I thought now to take a photo or I will never get round to it. So I stopped the car and parked on one side (which is not allowed) and positioned myself for the famous picture.

I had to use the zoom and it was early evening, so it could have been better, but this is the result. The large building on the right is the local stables, where they look after horses and you can also have riding lessons. To the left you can see where I live, not quite that house but a little bit behind. The mountains are the Bernese Overland and about 2-300 kilometers to the South, taking about 2-3 hours to reach them on the motorway.

When our family was composed of kids and young people, like me and Mr. Swiss, we usually spent our Summer holidays in the Bernese Overland. We would rent a chalet, quite reasonable and spend the time going on long walks during the day and making excursions with the mountain railways down to Interlaken, Brienz and other larger towns in the area. I think I know every mountain, corner and village in the area. We left the actual mountain climbing to the professionals and did it all by train or with the binoculars The trip up the Jungfrau was quite spectacular, the train goes through the inside of the mountain. You just feel a bit funny when you get to the top, over 4,000 meters, as the air is a bit thin.

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