Wednesday, 16 January 2008

A Trip to the Vets - Fluffy's turn

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Today it was Fluffy's turn for his annual injections. He was packed into the car on the front seat next to me, the driver, without very much fuss. He was very easy to catch and put into the cage and didn't give any resistance.

Nera: Looks's like it's Fluffy's turn today Tabby.
Tabby: Yes but he isn't making half the noise and fuss you made.
Nera: He will, wait until Mrs. Human puts him in the car.

My son once again took the back seat in the car and Fluffy was next to the driver's seat. He was quiet most of the time, only the ride in the lift down to the underground car park didn't seem to suit him. It was raining quite heavily this morning so he did get a bit wet when I carried him over to the vets from the parking space, but even that didn't seem to bother him. The vet was waiting for him. First of all he was weighed, as we decided to give him a injection against worms and it was necessary to see how heavy he was. Here he is on the weighing machine.

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It didn't seem to bother him at all and he was quite happy having a sniff around and exploring the place. Although he is blind, he knows exactly what is going on. Afterwards he got his injections against the cat illnesses, and was very well behaved. He didn't make a noise or a miaow.

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We were soon finished, so he was put back into his cage and I took him home again. When I opened the cage at home, he leapt out and had a sniff around to see that everything was in its right place at home.

Fluffy: Hi cats, I am back, now that was a nice change
Nera: A nice change?
Fluffy: Yes, well first of all I was carried in this lift thing which I didn't like but afterwards when Mrs. Human and I were on our way in the car, that was fun. I could see all the trees and fields passing on the way to the vets.
Nera: Well I don't see anything interesting in a few fields and trees.
Tabby: Nera, that was because you were not looking, but sulking with the head down at the bottom of the cage.
Fluffy: But you missed such a lot Nera.
Nera: I was not sulking, but contemplating how to show the vet that I did not agree to the visit.
Fluffy: I thought it was quite nice at the vets. Lots of new smells and things to explore. The vet gave me a cuddle and said what a nice cat I am.
Nera: I don't understand those humans, I mean what is nice in having curly fur. Looks like you put your paw in the electric socket.
Tabby: But at least Mr. Human doesn't have to cut the tangled bits out like he does for you Nera, not to forget the time when you had a complete haircut at the vets after they put you to sleep.
Fluffy: Oh yes, I remember, that was when Nera looked like one of the last Mohicans.
Nera: Fluffy, Tabby, is someone here with a death wish or something. Just continue the conversation and I can oblige.
Fluffy: Tabby do you think Nera is annoyed.
Tabby: Looks like it.
Nera: hisssss - no I am not annoyed, you two are getting on my nerves. Time to have some beauty sleep for the day.
Tabby: Well now and again you do make a good suggestion Nera.
Fluffy: I feel tired as well, must be the fresh air I got this morning on my trip out.
Nera: Well one thing cats, that is now done and done with for another year.

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